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New "Extreme Energy" Natural Vitality Formula


The highest and most effective physical and mental energy producing product available!


No synthetically produced caffeine or vitamins

No added caffeine

No jitters or mid-day crash


Optimal Natural Vitality

creates extreme energy with great focus by supplying specially grown, highly potent green tea with whole foods. In addition, Optimal Health System’s unique cultured media fermentation process creates high potency B vitamin delivery without synthetics.


Do you know that energy drinks, hourly energy formulas and synthetic caffeines are BAD for you?

Do you take them anyway because you want an energy boost? Now you don't have to with

Natural Vitality!



We listened to our customers' desire for an even more powerful energy formula. Up till now, the only way to create higher energy from a formula was to ADD IN synthetic or single-form caffeine. Although this is what the hourly energy drinks do, OHS would not compromise our whole-food stance. Now, we have discovered the ultimate whole food-high energy blend and the results are amazing!


This advanced Natural Vitality formula utilizes a custom grown, highly-potent green tea combined with over 50 other whole-food nutrients. Ensuring bioavailability this blend creates high amounts of sustained energy and focus. Each capsule now provides the caffeinated power of a full cup of coffee--but without any synthetic or separately-added caffeine! Start with just one capsule in the morning and early afternoon to allow the body to get used to these potent whole food B vitamins and herbs.


All nutrients are cultured in a whole food blend of stabilized probiotics, plant enzymes, and antioxidant foods. This guarantees our commitment to no synthetic vitamins, minerals or caffeine, unlike other hourly energy supplements.


Natural Vitality provides the body with the deficient nutrients, and it does it through pre-digesting the nutrients with its Opti-Blend Delivery System. This blend consists of specific amounts of enzymes and minerals to drive the nutrients to the cellular level quickly.





You will feel the effects of increased focus, motivation and energy within 20 minutes of taking Natural Vitality. It is a product for which you can easily adjust the dosage and times of use based on your own particular needs.


Take a look at some of our own staff's testimonials:


"After a constant battle to quit using synthetic caffeine, I have finally found the whole answer. I have fought urges my entire adult life to use synthetic forms of caffeine after abusing it for most of my late teens and early 20's. Natural Vitality gives me the same energy level as those synthetic forms (energy drinks/caffeine pills) without the jitters and side effects. What an amazing product!"

--Hilary G.


"Natural Vitality has helped me get through the week and not feel exhausted, even while dealing with stressful family issues."

--Glelia L.


Note: Normal dose is 1-2 capsules, depending on the individual. Like all herb-based products, however, dosage needs to be tailored to each individual's needs and can be increased. We recommend starting with one capsule and increasing the dosage to 2 or 3 capsules if initial dose did not have significant results.

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Try Natural Vitality for mid-afternoon sluggishness, or early mornings in place of stimulants such as caffeine and sugar. Also great for getting energized for a workout. Try taking it 20 minutes before exercising!

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