Luckily, you are no longer restricted to those inferior Vitamin C supplements. Optimal Whole C has been created. This product is made with all whole foods. the Vitamin C is absorbed and utilized the way nature intended. Whole C offers the safest, most complete, and scientifically advanced Vitamin C supplement ever developed.

Fortunately, you are no longer restricted to these inferior Vitamin C supplements with harmful side effects. Optimal Whole C, the first true whole food Vitamin C product, has now been created. And, with this revolutionary new formula, you can now receive all the benefits Vitamin C has to offer via the safest, most complete, and scientifically advanced whole food Vitamin C supplement ever developed.

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Optimal Whole C
Is the first true whole food, high potency dose Vitamin C product ever developed. This scientifically advanced supplement drastically exceeds industry standards and contains the highest quality unprocessed fruits and fruit juices from the Ecuadorian tropical rainforests. Each delicious Whole C chewable contains 750 milligrams of whole food, yielding 200 milligrams of whole food Vitamin C. Optimal Whole C contains no synthetic ingredients and is not processed to separate any of the whole food constituents thereby providing the safest, most natural, and nutrient rich supplement of Vitamin C available.

People have been taking Vitamin C supplements for years. When a cold strikes, Vitamin C is usually the first form of ammunition individuals turn to. However, what most people don't know is, the supplements they are taking to rid themselves of a simple cold may be deadly!

If you look on the label of any Vitamin C product on the market today, you will most likely see ascorbic acid as the main ingredient. Many health and supplement companies would like for us to believe that ascorbic acid is vitamin C, but it's not. Ascorbic acid is only a small fraction of the factors needed to create a whole Vitamin C formula. Without the other necessary ingredients, Vitamin C is incomplete and forces the body to use its own reserves to complete the Vitamin C complex. This depletes vital resorces from the body and can cause detrimental effects.

Numerous research studies have proven the ill effects that synthetic Vitamin C use has on the body. On the contrary, in its whole food form, Vitamin C is very beneficial. Whole food Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, assists in collagen formation, boosts the immune system and is necessary in the synthesis of stress hormones.




Derived from only raw fruits
Boosts the immune system
Assists with collagen repair
Tangy sweet taste even kids will love!

Our Whole Food Formula:
- Acerola cherry fruit
- Black currant fruit
- Orange fruit
- Grapefruit juice

Finally... a Vitamin C supplement made entirely with Fruit!

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