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OHS is the original whole food supplement company. It is the first to create high-potency whole food formulas that are completely absorbable at the cellular level. This has been made possible through the world's first enzyme and patented mineral delivery system named “Opti-Blend™.” Opti-Blend™ sets OHS apart and is in every formula, guaranteeing the cellular delivery of each nutrient.

OHS is time-tested and proven. Thousands--yes, thousands--of doctors and athletes have been continuously using our products for decades. Our 100% potency and satisfaction guarantee has led to the granting of patents and function claims the government has approved that others only dream about.

Check out our extensive line of researched formulas that nutritionally support your goal of achieving optimal health.

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Digestion Daily Nutrient Essential Pak
Optimal 1 Digestion
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal Opti-Nitric
Our Price: $25.20
DNE Package
Our Price: $159.90
The most complete digestion formula containing a full lineup of digestive enzymes, patented organic minerals, and friendly flora. Optimal 1 breaks food down into usable nutrients, delivering them and making it possible to be metabolized and used.
Optimal Opti-Nitric is the most advanced formula combining the amino acids L-arginine, ornithine and citrulline together to boost nitric oxide levels. 90 packets of whole food vitamins, minerals, probiotics, EFA's and digestive enzymes. It also includes Optimal Fruit and Veggie plus. This formula has the highest TOTAL antioxidant rating in the industry with over 35 phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.
Daily Nutrient Essential Pak Fat/Sugar Formula
Each pack contains 100% RDA of 12 Whole Food Vitamins, 9 Organic chelated minerals, 9 Stabilized Probiotics, essential fatty acids from vegetarian sources, and over 25 fruits and vegetables. A daily whole food multi-vitamin with patented organic minerals and whole food vitamins.
Otherwise known at the metabolism formula, it effectively digests fats and sugars, and gives your body the nutrients it needs to metabolize them as energy, instead of being stored as fat.
Acute Chronic Liver Kidney
Optimal Acute
Our Price: $29.25
Optimal Chronic
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal Liver Kidney
Our Price: $25.20
Heal 33% faster with Optimal Acute. It offers a safe and effective alternative to harmful painkillers by utilizing proteolytic enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants that are proven to have the most profound effect on acute inflammatory respones. Fight arthritis, joint pain, headaches, "old" injuries, and other chronic conditions. Diminish pain and support healing with our powerful blend that's predigested through our patented Opti-Blend Delivery System, guaranteeing delivery on the cellular level. The key to Optimal Liver Kidney's success is its ability to cleanse and fortify your organs without the negative side effects. Help protect your body from storing toxins.
Iron BonePlus
Optimal Flora Plus
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal Iron
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal BonePlus Calcium
Our Price: $25.20
The only probiotic formulated with all 9 strains of flora that are patent-proven to withstand the acidity and temperatures that destroy most flora supplements. Over 400% more absorbable than the competition, and the safest iron on the market.
BonePlus Calcium  contains ingredients proven to be absorbed and actually used to rebuild and strengthen bone. It contains a safe, highly effective and patented form of calcium, along with ipriflavone, a bioflavonoid that is the ONLY non-hormonal substance ever proven to rebuild bone density.
Opti T Female +B Cort Adrena
Optimal Opti-T
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal Female +B
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal Cort Adrena
Our Price: $25.20
Optimal Opti-T™ was created to support the unique nutritional needs of both men and women. It supports testosterone levels and prostate health for men, and memory aid and circulation for both. Hormone-balancing nutrient formula with energizing whole food B vitamins that supports the female reproductive system. It helps improve energy levels, regulate blood pressure, reduce premature aging, and improve mentality. Under stress? Take stimulants? Restore and fortify with our adrenal gland formula.
Whole C - Chewable Defense Opti-Cleanse & Repair
Optimal Defense
Our Price: $25.20
A high potency, whole food vitamin C chewable from the Ecuadorian tropical rain forests. It has been associated with the prevention of many degenerative disease. It also enhances the immune system, reducing damage caused by smoking and protecting DNA from damage. Stop that cold in its tracks! Optimal Defense is your total immune support and boost formula. Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic substances. Optimal Opti-Clease combines non-digestible and functional fibers to surround toxins and ensure they're removed from your system, and does all that without any of the usual number unpleasant side effects other remedies have.
EFA Oxy-Pure
Optimal EFA
Our Price: $29.25
Optimal Natural Vitality
Our Price: $29.95
Optimal Oxy-Pure
Our Price: $25.20
Vegetarian, essential fatty acid formula in a stable delivery form. It delivers more Omega 3's than krill or fish oil. Extracted from algae grown in controlled vats, Optimal EFA avoids containing any levels of PCB's and other toxins commonly found in fish oils. Optimal Natural Vitality is a way to gain immediate energy through organic and wholesome nutrients. Better still, it doesn't create mood swings or tax the adrenal glands. Anti-microbial and oxygenating energy formula with 35% stabilized oxygen.
Longevi-D Complete Nutrition Plus Fruit and Veggie
Optimal Longevi-D k2
Our Price: $25.20
A potent formula that incorporates three fat soluble nutrients proven to increase longevity and lower the risk of many diseases. Hundreds of studies have established the importance of Vitamin D with health and longevity as it supports bone and cardiovascular health. This powder contains the most balanced amino acid profile ever created that based on your muscles' needs for stress and exercise. It combines 9 different protein sources in specific amounts to ensure the protein profile your muscles need for recovery and strength are met. Raw antioxidant/phytonutrient powder. 20,000 antioxidant units fighting ALL free radicals.
Rem Sleep Complete Performance Bulk Container - Chocolate Complete Performance Bulk Container - Vanilla
Optimal Rem Sleep
Our Price: $25.20
Research-proven nutrients that calm anxiety and promote sound sleep. It is the best-tasting, most absorbable whole-food performance powder on the market. Our goal was to create a high-protein formula utilizing nutrient-dense quality ingredients our customers were accustomed to, but with a taste comparable to high-sugar "junk" protein drinks. It's one of the only performance powders to contain whole food--not synthetic--vitamins and minerals. It is the best-tasting, most absorbable whole-food performance powder on the market. Our goal was to create a high-protein formula utilizing nutrient-dense quality ingredients our customers were accustomed to, but with a taste comparable to high-sugar "junk" protein drinks. It's one of the only performance powders to contain whole food--not synthetic--vitamins and minerals.
Muscle RX Stress/Anxiety Relief Pak
Optimal Muscle RX
Our Price: $50.70
Weight Reduction Package
Our Price: $115.10
Standing strong with US formula patent #5,888,553 and five other ingredient patents, Muscle Rx helps sustain and build lean muscle for anyone, including professional athletes to people recovering from injuries. This system utilizes THREE powerful products to nutritionally support quick fat burning while supplying healthy nutrients for optimal health. Optimal Fat Sugar Trim is our unique secret weapon against fat. Immediate stress and anxiety relief through whole-food nutrients.
1/2 Day Cleanse Joint Pak
Joint Pak (31 Paks)
Our Price: $49.95
FITNESS Nutrition Plan
Our Price: $3.00
If you are constantly tired, suffer from digestive problems, have skin irritations, recover slowly from strenuous exercise, or are aging prematurely, you may have a build-up of toxins. With this Liver-Kidney Cleanse, in just a day OHS will help you experience a holistic cleanse phenomena that will change your life for the better.
Combined in a convenient daily packet, Optimal Joint Pak helps aid your body in reducing inflammation, along with repair tissue and disc degeneration.
A nutrition plan used by thousands of people to help reduce body fat and gain optimal health.
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