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Cleansing the body is critical in order to keep it functioning properly in today’s toxin-filled environment. OHS offers multiple cleanse options that allow you to either do a soft cleanse that won’t make you change your daily routine, or a half-day cleanse that is quick and effective. Check out the options below and make sure you do some form of cleansing 2-3 times per year in order to reach and maintain optimal health.

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Optimal 1 Digestion
Our Price: $25.20

The most complete digestion formula containing a full lineup of digestive enzymes, patented organic minerals, and friendly flora. Optimal 1 breaks food down into usable nutrients, delivering them and making it possible to be metabolized and used.
Liver Kidney
Optimal Liver Kidney
Our Price: $25.20

The key to Optimal Liver Kidney's success is its ability to cleanse and fortify your organs without the negative side effects. Help protect your body from storing toxins.
Opti-Cleanse & Repair
Optimal Opti-Cleanse & Repair
Our Price: $25.20

Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic substances. Optimal Opti-Clease combines non-digestible and functional fibers to surround toxins and ensure they're removed from your system, and does all that without any of the usual number unpleasant side effects other remedies have.
1/2 Day Cleanse
Optimal Half-day (Liver/Kidney) Cleanse KIT WITH INSTRUCTIONS
Our Price: $49.95

If you are constantly tired, suffer from digestive problems, have skin irritations, recover slowly from strenuous exercise, or are aging prematurely, you may have a build-up of toxins. With this Liver-Kidney Cleanse, in just a day OHS will help you experience a holistic cleanse phenomena that will change your life for the better.
Soft Cleanse
Soft Cleanse
Our Price: $59.95

Taking Opti-Cleanse in this way safely eliminates heavy metals from your system. It utilizes special pectin fibers, along with nitrogen from glutamine, to to encompass heavy metals and safely transport them out of your system, instead of just from one tissue to another.
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