New Health Professional Pak

New Health Professional Pak

Welcome to the ever-growing Optimal Health Systems family!

We appreciate your commitment to your clients and will endure to offer you the highest quality whole food nutritional supplements available on the market today.

  • Optimal Daily Essential product line
  • Therapeutic product line
  • Ergogenic product line

We are confident that our whole food supplements, along with our simple nutritional testing systems, will dramatically improve the health of your clients as well as the bottom line of your clinic.

Optimal Health Systems is the leading nutritional testing company in the nation. Our clinically validated testing for nutritional deficiencies is unparalleled in the industry. These simple testing systems will allow your clients to see their current risks for today’s top diseases, and with our health “scorecard” system, allow them to track their progress as they improve their health and well being. We like to call them “Simple Tests, Healthy Answers.”

  • QuickSTAT™ Urinalysis Testing System
  • Live Cell Microscopy Motivation System
  • Cholestech™ Testing System

Optimal Health Systems has recently raised the industry standard by not only offering on-site training, but also offering you attractive leasing options that will allow you to have these cutting edge nutritional testing systems with on-site training in your clinic at a reasonable monthly cost.

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