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A Healthy Alternative to Energy Drinks

Today grocery and convenience stores are packed with all types and sizes of “energy” drinks. It’s another manifestation of the busy modern lifestyle: Constantly on the go; constantly in need of stimulants to keep the body “charged.”

But it is not a healthy trend.

Though most of the “energy” drinks contain one or two beneficial ingredients—Ginko Biloba and Green Tea are two common items—the remaining ingredients have no redeeming qualities and are usually detrimental to good health. Leading the list, of course, is artificial carbonation and refined sugars. Artificial carbonation retards the digestive process and stymies proper assimilation of nutrients; refined sugar creates a quick burst of energy for one’s body, but wears off as quickly as it starts, and leaves the body more depleted than before—causing a cycle of dependency that has to be constantly fed.

In addition, the extreme quantities of caffeine in most energy drinks—along with the refined sugars—plays havoc on adrenal gland function. Unfortunately, this is an essential function that is already over-taxed in most people due to stress, drugs, chemicals and pollutants.

And, as if it’s not bad enough that the average energy drink contains more garbage than healthy nutrients, a closer examination of the “healthy nutrients” demonstrates they’re not all they’re cracked up to be because the “nutrients” are actually artificial ingredients created in a lab. 

Red Bull, one of the world’s most popular energy drinks, brags that all of its ingredients are synthetically produced—most by pharmaceutical companies. They claim that this “guarantees highest quality.” If quality means consistency, then perhaps. But if quality means what your body absorbs and is able to use, then this claim is ludicrous. Study after study has demonstrated that synthetic nutrients are not well-absorbed by the body and, in fact, are often rejected by the body with violent reactions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a guy in white lab coat cannot compete with mother nature when it comes to basic nutrition.

So, is there a way to gain energy immediately, but in a fashion that is natural and wholesome, doesn’t create mood swings, and doesn’t tax the adrenal glands?

Yes, there are a number of natural ingredients that support both energy for the body and clarity for the brain.

First, however, when setting a goal to achieve a consistent energy level throughout the day, it is important that one eat a balanced diet (for most people this would be roughly 60% complex carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 20% healthy fats). Additionally, eating small meals frequently rather than large meals 2 or 3 times a day—and exercising regularly—will work wonders in creating energy that you never knew you had.

When those times arrive when an extra boost is needed—following an inadequate night’s sleep, extra hours at work, stress tiring you earlier than usual—some of the ingredients that are known to create physical energy include:

Guggul… enhances the metabolism through its effects on the thyroid.
Green Tea Extract… stimulates and provides energy naturally.
Yerbe Mate… stimulating effect on myocardial (heart) tissue.
Metabromine… stimulates nervous system and fights exhaustion.
Whole B… critical for normal energy production in human cells.

Note that most of the above ingredients contain mental stimulation benefits as well—such as Metabromine’s ability to combat mental fatigue—however, we have categorized them here for the physical energy properties they are commonly known for. Likewise, herbs and amino acids that contain nutrients proven to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and promote mental stimulation (listed below) oftentimes also include physical energy attributes.

Huperzine A… encourages production of acetylcholine, which stimulate neurons.
Ginko Biloba… shown to improve short-term memory and reaction time.
Choline B… research suggests that it enhances memory, intelligence and mood.
Ginger Root… numerous known benefits including stimulation of heart and brain.
L-Tyrosine… combats cognitive decline associated with stress and fatigue.
L-Taurine… used to treat wide range of disorders including cognitive function.
Rhodiola Crenula… tested successfully in alleviating fatigue, irritability, headache.

Of course there are numerous ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial to energy and brain function promotion, and additional herbs are currently undergoing new research; these are just a few widely-known and accepted natural stimulators.

A big advantage to completely natural, whole-food based “stimulants” is they can be tried with little or no risk. In reality it is similar to testing a new food, and you can observe immediate benefits.

Optimal Health Systems has just introduced  “Natural Vitality.” This product is designed to help improve both your mental and physical energy levels.  Research shows that many times people lack focus and have diminished energy levels due to a lack of specific nutrients. These nutrients are needed to feed the brain and body in what is known as the krebs (energy) cycle.

But what the public usually chooses to combat the problems that are caused by a lack of nutrients is stimulants that don’t provide the missing nutrition. So, rather than receiving the nutrients it craves, the body becomes even more deficient as it is functioning with drug-like stimulation.

Most products use stimulant herbs and loads of caffeine.  Upon receiving these, the body is working faster but still doesn’t have the nutrients it needs—thus increasing the nutrient deficiency and making the body even more addicted to the product.

Natural Vitality provides the body with the deficient nutrients, and it does it through pre-digesting the nutrients with its “opti-blend delivery system.” This blend consists of specific amounts of enzymes and minerals to drive the nutrients to the cellular level quickly.

Although all the ingredients contained in Optimal Natural Vitality are too numerous to list here, all the ingredients noted above—for promoting both physical energy and brain stimulation—are included. The full list of ingredients is available on request. 

You will feel the effects of increased focus, motivation and energy within 20 minutes of taking Natural Vitality. And it is a product that you can easily adjust the dosage and times of use based on your own particular needs.

Once you have the energy and concentration you need, you can then focus more effectively on your goals of eating better and exercising consistently. Goals that you may have a desire for, but just have trouble getting motivated to achieve.  Once you have achieved this, Natural Vitality can then be used as an “as-needed” formula when you just need that extra focus or energy boost.