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OHS Introduces Cultured Media in Three Products

Optimal Health Systems
October, 2010

Informed people interested in nutrition and nutritional supplements have known for decades that Vitamins and Minerals derived from real foods are better absorbed and much healthier for the body. But, with the stripping away of our soils and greener farming techniques to yield volume versus nutrient quality, we are faced with new challenges.

For over 20 years many of us in the nutritional supplement field have kept the public informed about the tremendous health benefits of consuming whole food vitamins and minerals versus synthetic imitations. The high majority (95% or more) of all supplements on the market are made from synthetic chemicals. This is the reason for so many contradictory vitamin studies. Some say vitamins are beneficial; others claim they do harm. The answer is simply whether or not the study was done with food-based vitamins or with chemical-based synthetics. However, most studies fail to disclose that fact, and the consumer is usually kept in the dark.

Part of the reason so much misinformation is distributed to the general public is because large pharmaceutical companies own most of the synthetic supplement manufacturing plants. It is commonly known and well-documented that high amounts of synthetic vitamins can be dangerous to your health.

Optimal Male + B

It is also well documented over thousands of years of history that vitamins and minerals from foods only give health benefits in the reduction of disease. We also know that nutrients from foods are key to a life of vitality and energy.

Let us look at Vitamin A for an easy example.

One study done by Boston University School of Medicine, published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that synthetic Vitamin A given to pregnant women increased the risk of birth defects. But there has never been any recorded complication with getting too much whole food Vitamin A from foods that are high in Vitamin A, such as carrots. Why? Synthetic vitamins are toxic chemicals given to the body in the form of these supplements, and if the human body cannot convert them to usable whole food vitamins, they will cause disease instead of prevent it!

Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that own most of the synthetic vitamin supplement companies, like Centrum and numerous others, try to claim that synthetic vitamins are identical to whole food vitamins because they make more profit on chemically creating vitamins versus the more difficult route of obtaining them from foods.

Regardless of the endless pro-synthetic PR by the pharmaceutical companies, though, research and just plain common sense prove otherwise. For example, a study done by Doctors Winson and Bose showed that Vitamin C from citrus extract was absorbed 35% more than Ascorbic Acid.

They reported that although the synthetic and whole food molecules are identical, the whole food Vitamin C contains bioflavonoids and other nutrients like carbohydrates that improve its bioavailability.

Another study by J.A. Vinson and C. Has, published in Medical Science Research found that whole food Vitamin E and A are more bio-available than isolated, synthetic forms of these vitamins. It was shown that the food based vitamins were retained 9.4 times more than the synthetic form.

Optimal Female + B

As of 1996, over 3,800 different compounds have been identified in foods as having nutritional significance. However, in a laboratory, twenty nutrients are all modern science can reproduce and legally put into a vitamin product. Obviously the healthy answer is to put only whole food vitamins and minerals in supplements. For this reason Optimal Health Systems has a long history as a leading supplier of whole food vitamins and minerals in supplement from.

Top health professionals and professional athletes have utilized our supplements knowing they are the purest and best for them. OHS has sourced the most nutrient-dense whole food vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes from all over the world. We have consistently brought in dense whole foods with high amounts of vitamins from Central and South America; we have utilized pure plant enzymes, which are grown in India, imported and tested; and our probiotics come from right here in the U.S. from labs in Nebraska and Montana. It has always been a priority, and a stated company goal, to provide our customers only the best nutrients available.

But now our industry faces new challenges as we move forward. Nutrient-dense foods that guarantee certain levels of vitamins and minerals are becoming harder to find. Encapsulating enough whole food ingredients to reach the needed nutrient values in each capsule is becoming a challenge.

The reduced nutrient value of grown foods is not only affecting the health status of the general population, it is also spilling over into the quality of whole food supplements.

The GREAT NEWS is that we were apprised of this inevitable problem over a decade ago and have been planning on introducing the answer when the product development was done—and the timing right. One of the members of the original OHS “master mind” group of health professionals reported this trend to us in 1992. He reported that the Science and Education Staff of the United States Dept of Agriculture Report #2 on Human Nutrition said, “The highest death rates for various nutrition related diseases occurred in those geographical areas where agriculturists have recognized the soil as being depleted for several years.”

Optimal Longevi-D

At Rutgers University, analysis of numerous vegetables found that depending on what part of the country they were grown in, the nutrient levels differed dramatically. For example, the iron level in tomatoes was analyzed from multiple locations and the levels of iron varied up to 2,000% depending on where it was grown.

Back when Optimal Health Systems was first formed a long-term plan was created to address this problem with whole food supplements. We knew the day would eventually arrive when the industry would have a hard time guaranteeing the whole food vitamin/mineral content in supplements, and we wanted to be ahead of the game. That time has now arrived. During the mid-1990’s we held meetings with leading experts on nutrient absorption, and it was demonstrated how plants could be fed vitamins and minerals, and they would, in turn, convert them into whole food vitamins and increase the yield of that specific nutrient.

Simply put, you can feed Vitamin C, Calcium or any other nutrient to a fruit or vegetable—such as an orange—while it is still on the tree. The natural process within the orange will bind to the extra vitamins and minerals administered and convert them. When you eat the orange, you will get a higher content of the Vitamin C, Calcium or whatever nutrient it was fed.

Optimal Health Systems has worked with many of the great minds in the nutrient field over the years to develop a “cultured media” blend. Our cultured media blend naturally converts vitamins and minerals into whole foods. By using nature’s fermentation process with organic yeast, pure plant enzymes, stabilized probiotics, and a variety of whole foods, we can now deliver higher potencies of whole food vitamins and minerals. And we can do it for many years to come.

Here is how the whole food vitamins and minerals are organically bound together:
We start with our blend of over 23 raw foods, free from pesticides of any kind. These foods, like our organic pea, are chosen for their specific levels of the binding nutrients that are needed. We then add billions of friendly live probiotics like acidophilus, plantarum and others. We also add a variety of different pure plant enzymes that break down all the foods. This combination provides the medium for the nutrients and raw foods to be active—and ready to absorb the vitamins and minerals.

After the vitamins and minerals are added to the medium in specific amounts based on the formulation needs, organic yeast is then added to the blend to fully activate the fermentation and binding process. The result from this organic natural fermentation process is vitamins and minerals that are not only whole foods, but are whole foods with high concentrations typically found only in synthetic formulas.

Research shows that whole food vitamins and minerals are better-absorbed and more safely utilized by the human body. Now you get those nutrients in powerfully potent amounts with Optimal Health Systems’ optimally cultured media blend!

Optimal Health Systems will be introducing cultured media to boost potency in select products in the upcoming months. During November it will first appear in Optimal Female+B, Optimal Male+B and Optimal Longevi-D.