Powerfully Potent Products

Optimal Health Systems has the highest potency Whole Food formulas available. Potency is described as two important factors. First, the formula must contain whole foods and not synthetics. Second, the formula must be able to deliver the nutrients to the cellular level quickly and efficiently.

The OHS formulas are pre-digested by our proprietary "OPTI_BLEND" delivery system that utilizes pure plant enzymes and patented organic minerals researched to digest each nutrient in the formula that increase the absorption and delivery of nutrients. The bottom line is that you feel the benefits quickly.

In addition, each formula has been organically fermented in our "Whole Food Cultured Media" that creates high potency whole food vitamins.

If you are looking to get immediate nutritional benefits from a nutritional supplement but want to stick with whole foods instead of chemically derived synthetics, the OHS formula line is for you. Our formulas ingredients are backed by over 7 patents and 100's of peer reviewed university studies.

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