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The OHS Difference

OHS Difference
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Whole Food Cultured Media. Optimal Health Systems has worked with many of the leaders in the nutrition field for over two decades to develop this blend. By using nature's fermentation process with organic yeast, pure plant enzymes, stabilized Probiotics, and a variety of whole foods, we can now deliver higher potencies of whole food vitamins and minerals. Our cultured media blend naturally converts incomplete synthetic vitamins and minerals into high potency whole food vitamins.
Here is how the whole food vitamins and minerals are organically bound together: We start with our blend of over 23 pesticide free, raw foods. These foods, like our organic peas, are chosen for their specific levels of the binding nutrients that are needed.
We then add billions of friendly live probiotics, like acidophilus, plantarum and others. We also add a variety of different pure plant enzymes that break down all the foods. This combination provides the medium for the nutrients and raw foods to be active—and ready to absorb the vitamins and minerals. Based on formulation needs, the vitamins and minerals are added to the medium in specific amounts.
Organic yeast is then added to the blend to fully activate the fermentation and blinding process. The results from this organic natural fermentation process are vitamins and minerals that are not only whole foods, but whole foods with high concentrations typically found only in synthetic formulas. Research shows that whole food vitamins and minerals are better absorbed and more safely utilized by the human body. Now you can get these nutrients in powerfully potent amounts with Optimal Health Systems' Whole Food Cultured Media Blend!


Opti-Blend™ utilizes a combination of 10 kosher-certified, non-GMO, aspergillus oryzae minerals to predigest ever nutrient in the formulas before encapsulation.
Predigesting each nutrient ensures immediate cellular utilization and up to a 300% increase in absorption. Every person can now receive the benefits of whole food supplementation because nutrients are digested and delivered independent of the individual's condition.
Unlike ALL other nutritional formulas that blend their ingredients and immediately encapsulate them, Optimal Health Systems blends the ingredients and then predigests them for days, until the nutrients become completely bioavailable. Opti-Blend™ changes therapeutic nutrition because we are able to deliver the nutrients at a much higher percentage with the same dosage.