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BonePlus is your best defense against Osteoporosis and to give your bones the strength and density they need. BonePlus defines how effective nutrient supplementation for your bones can be in building and strengthening your bones! This formula contains the patented Ipraflavone, proven to support bone growth without any harmful side effects. It also contains a patented form of calcium that has been proven to be the most absorbable and bio-available form of calcium available anywhere.

Sugguested Uses*
  • Osteoporosis
  • Low Bone Density
  • Osteopenia
  • Bone Repair
Product Overview
Nothing boosts bone health like BonePlus!_________________________________________________
BonePlus is the first and only product on the market to combine the two most necessary and proven ingredients for bone health- patented, amino acid chelated calcium and Ipriflavone (OstivoneTM). The benefits of calcium in halting and preventing further bone loss have long been recognized. In addition, the amino acid chelated form of calcium included in BonePlus is proven to be absorbed better than any other form of calcium. This superior form of calcium is combined with Ipriflavone, a bioflavonoid, which is the only non-hormonal nutrient shown to successfully combat osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density and enhancing calcium utilization. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of load-bearing exercise (strength training), along with diminished amounts of calcium in foods today and the consumption of carbonated drinks, laxatives, white flour and other mineral-depleting substances are just some of the factors that have combined to make osteoporosis the fastest rising disease in America. Osteoporosis-characterized by brittling and weakening of the bones-is the third-leading cause of death in America. Every year, over 40,000 women die from osteoporosis-related fractures. For those who survive, fractures are often crippling, destroying quality of life and taking away the ability to care for themselves. Once thought to be a "women-only" disease, osteoporosis also strikes men and even teenagers. One in eight men and one in two women will sustain a fracture because of osteoporosis; and the costs and devastating results of this disease are rising astronomically. The public has been led to believe that taking TumsTM or other forms of calcium is enough. This is not the case, calcium can only stop bone loss; it can't help reverse it.

BonePlus from Optimal Health Systems contains ingredients proven to be absorbed and to actually be used by the body to rebuild and strengthen bone. BonePlus contains the safe, highly effective amino acid chelated form of calcium, as well as Ipriflavone (OstivoneTM) a bioflavonoid that is the ONLY non-hormonal substance ever proven to rebuild bone density. OstivoneTM is backed by countless studies showing its benefits for bone health and for successfully combating osteoporosis. BonePlus also contains the amazing Opti-BlendTM Delivery System to ensure that nutrients are delivered to the sites where they can be used by the body.

Bone loss can be reversed_________________________________________________
Osteoporosis robs bones of strength and density; a bump, a fall or even a hug can result in a painful broken bone. Osteoporosis is responsible for 1.5 million fractures a year, and many people are left bed-ridden or in need of long-term care. Over $38 million a day is spent on treatment for Osteoporosis! Not to mention the immeasurable pain, loss of independence and even death for millions of victims. There has been little hope, until recently.

The right kind of calcium_______________________________________________________
As we age, particularly if calcium is deficient, bone breakdown outpaces reformation. This leaves bones thin and more porous. Most diets don't supply even half enough calcium to guard against bone loss. Plus, various factors leech calcium from the body. Calcium supplementation is a must, yet many forms of calcium are ineffective and even harmful. Calcium carbonate, the active ingredient in TumsTM and other antacids, is known to cause constipation, diarrhea and kidney damage. Calcium hydroxyapatite (from bone, oyster shells, etc.) is inexpensive to produce, but ineffective. It is the most widely sold but has the poorest absorption rate. BonePlus contains the only patented form of calcium: amino acid chelated calcium, meaning it is bound to an amino acid, just as calcium is found naturally in foods. Amino acid chelated calcium is absorbed almost two times better than calcium citrate or calcium carbonate and even better than the calcium found in milk.

Picutre on the left shows normal bone density
Picture on the right shows reduced bone density