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Cort Adrena

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Particularly useful during times of stress or excess stimulation, AdrenaBoost give your adrenal system a boost without using glandulars. Handle your body's stress and fatigue with this exclusive blend of nutrients and herbs. All of these nutrients help the body to better deal with stress, are necessary for optimal adrenal function, and helps you feel energetic again.

Suggested Uses*
  • Energy
  • Emotional, Physical Stress
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fatigue
  • Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Hypothyroid
  • Fibromyalgia
Product Overview
Cort Adrena provides the body with the jump start it needs by supplying the nutrients that are most often depleted during times of stress______________________________________________
You've most likely heard the phrase, "running on adrenaline," well that is exactly what many people do. When the body is over stressed, either physically or emotionally, there is an increased demand placed on the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline (epinephrine), steroidal hormones and other substances. In addition to stress, dietary habits- including overuse of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and white flour- place additional demands on the adrenal glands. Some people may find that as their adrenal glands become stressed that their dependency for stimulants increases to maintain a specific energy level. For example, drinking 1 cup of coffee turns into 3-4 cups during the day to stay energetic.

The adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system, producing over 30 hormones (for example, cortisol and aldosterone) to regulate fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism; water and salt balance; control inflammation; and many other essential metabolic processes of the body. These glands sit on top of the kidneys.

When the body is under a high level of physical or emotional stress, the adrenal glands may become over-taxed and unable to synthesize optimal levels of adrenal hormones. The result may be dehydration, which interferes with nutrient delivery and contributes to aging and kidney problems. Improper adrenal function also affects the heart- causing a wide range of concerns, including arrhythmia, reduced cardiac output, hypertension, and possible heart attacks.

Studies show that the adrenal glands can be supported and returned to optimal functioning by supplying the body with the nutrients known to be depleted during times of stress. Adrena Boost is an exclusive blend of these nutrients. Panax ginseng is the key nutrient in this formula, supporting the adrenals without the use of glandulars. This nutrient has been used for thousands of years and is considered by many as the "king of herbs." Studies have shown that panax ginseng has many health benefits that include: increased physical endurance, immune system boost, improved blood pressure, improved memory, and improved neurological function - all of which is favorable during times of stress.

This synergestic blend of high quality ingredients also include vitamins C and E, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, and tumeric. Vitamin C is necessary for adrenal hormone synthesis and is often depleted during times of chronic stress. Vitamin E is also shown to help prevent the damage to individual adrenal cells that occur with chronic stress. The minerals magnesium and zinc are considered to be key adrenal ingredients. Selenium, for its antioxidant benefits; and chromium, which supports vitamin C metabolism, are also important nutrients. All the minerals are in their most absorbable form, amino acid chelate. Turmeric is another herb included in Adrena Boost that has been shown to support adrenal function and help reduce the effects of stress on the body.

Support for the adrenal glands
Adrena Boost is vital at times of physical or emotional stress or for anyone who shows the signs of hypoadrenia, since this stress fighting formula replenishes the specific nutrients known to support adrenal function.

Adrena Boost offers a safe and effective way to increase energy levels and support the body during times of emotional and dietary stress.