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Optimal Muscle RX
Muscle RX
Standing strong with US formula patent #5,888,553 and five other ingredient patents, it helps sustain and build lean muscle for anyone, including professional athletes to people recovering from injuries.
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Optimal Muscle Rx uses the only government patented natural formula blend that has been proven to sustain and build muscle as well or better than anabolic steroids like Testosterone. Optimal Muscle Rx has been used by professional and amateur athletes, along with patients of health professionals to speed up the body's ability to build, heal and restore lean muscle tissue. Muscle Rx also utilizes 5 individually patented nutrients. The formula is assimilated at the cellular level by a 47-ingredient enzyme through our patented Opti-Blend delivery system.**

The ingredients in this formula achieve the muscle-building capabilities by reversing age-related muscle loss. They restore your muscle-gaining and sustaining capabilities to what you had in your early twenties when staying in great shape was so much easier. MUSCLE Rx is appropriate for both younger and older adults.

To view the full formula patent Google "US Patent # 5,888,553".

Optimal Muscle Rx
It gets harder to sustain and build muscle as we age. Many products claim to help your body sustain or build strong lean muscle. Muscle Rx actually has the scientific research and government patent to prove it can make muscle building much easier.

Muscle Rx has been proven to work as well as prescription anabolic steroids but has none of the side effects because it is a natural food based formula.

The key to Muscle Rx's powerfully potent results is the specific blend and "type" of nutrients used. Besides the overall formula patent, Muscle Rx also utilizes 5 individually patented ingredients along with a 47 ingredient enzyme based cultured delivery system.

  • Blend of patented Creatine Magnesium Chelate along with straight Creatine.
  • Patented stabilized Glutamine (MGG). This is the only fully stabilized form of Glutamine available.
  • Patented Magnesium and Calcium as amino acid glycinates. These forms are fully absorbed and don't cause stomach upset as oxide, sulfate, and citrate forms of minerals do.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) consisting of Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine.
  • Cultured Media and Opti-Blend Delivery System: This 47 ingredient blend provides potent plant enzymes, probiotics, and foods to carry and transport the anabolic Muscle Rx nutrients straight to the body's amino acid pool (bloodstream).