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Optimal Opti-Cleanse & Repair
Opti-Cleanse & Repair
These nutrients help your body remove toxins and heavy metals without negative side effects, and help reverse damage to your stomach lining due to ulcers and stress.
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The Opti-Cleanse formula is the most effective for cleansing the bowel and removing unwanted toxins. It uses a special blend of pectin fibers, including chlorella, to surround and safely remove heavy metal toxins. This formula contains the only patented, stabilized version in the world of the key nutrient glutamine. It also uses a special form of licorice root to help heal ulcers and treat digestive concerns, aids nausea and gastric upset caused by years of dietary abuse, and uses a special blend of cellulase and other plant enzymes to transport toxins out of your system without allowing them to resettle in other tissue.

Suggest Uses*
  • Irregular Bowel Movements
  • Low Fiber Diets
  • Heavy Metal Toxicities
  • Detoxification
Finally, a formula that safely removes toxins without the side effects associated with cleansing
Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic substances. There is no longer anywhere on earth that is free from the toxins in our environment. Once inside our bodies these toxins, acting as free radicals, attack our cells, causing disease. It is the body's stockpile of toxins in the form of chemicals and heavy metals that eventually leads to our death.

Research from the Memorial University of Newfoundland showed that "Heavy metals like cadmium and others are virtually absent at birth but an accumulation over the years results in industrial stores of these metals being built up." As a result of poor dietary and lifestyle choices, we have a difficult time eliminating toxins on our own.

Complex toxins require complex help
Most products on the market today use a fiber base to push toxins and metals out of the system. This approach can have some success; however, there is a risk of the toxins re-depositing in the tissues before they are eliminated from the body. Opti-Cleanse & Repair takes care of this by combining two kinds of fibers with two chelating ingredients.

Opti-Cleanse & Repair combines non-digestible and functional fibers to surround toxins. Enzymes are used to partially digest these fibers to form a gelatinous/fiber matrix which enshrouds the toxins and escorts them out of the body. Ensuring proper elimination means the toxins don't recirculate in the body causing more unwanted reactions.

Two key binding ingredients are also used to safely remove the toxins: chlorella and magnesium glycyl glutamine. Chlorella has the ability to bind with heavy metal, pesticides, and chemicals such as PCBs and hold on to these toxins while the fibers in Opti-Cleanse & Repair carry them out. In 1984, Drug and Toxicology published a study from the University School of Medicine in Virginia that showed that chlorella removed heavy toxins from the system twice as fast as a control group. In a 1978 study, researchers gave cadmium bound to chlorella to one test group and just cadmium to a second group. The group given chlorella showed no signs of a cadmium increase in their blood proving that once bound to a metal chlorella will not give it up. Many people have used chlorella with little affect. This is because chlorella has a very tough outer cell wall making it difficult for this wonderful ingredient to do its binding job. By including digestive enzymes in Opti-Cleanse & Repair we have ensured that the tough outer cell wall is partially digested so the chlorella is in its most active form shortly after ingestion, ready to start cleaning.

Glutamine is the only amino acid that carries two nitrogen bonds with it. Glutamine's unique structure creates the ultimate nutrient for detoxification. Glutamine yields beneficial effects on the intestinal mucosa and is also the major metabolic fuel for the small intestine (Naji, 1995; Fox 1996). The problem with most glutamine in supplement form is that it is present in the L-form which indicates "levorotatory" meaning the molecules have a left-hand spin and as a result is very unstable. The glutamine in Opti-Cleanse & Repair was created, patented, and chelated with glycine and magnesium creating a very stable molecule. This stabilized Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine (MGG) re-writes the book on utilizing anabolic nitrogen molecules to help cleanse and fortify the body.

  • Repairs intestinal lining
  • Removes heavy metal toxicities
  • Adds fiber to promote intestinal cleansing
  • Repairs and prevents ulcers
  • Repair of the Gastrointestinal Lining

The exposure of the gastrointestinal lining from stress, poor dietary habits, or from the growth of harmful bacteria can cause pain, discomfort, and even ulcerations. Many remedies on the market cause a number of unpleasant side effects, including liver damage, dizziness, allergies, depression, headaches, hair loss, and osteoporosis. Opti-Cleanse & Repair provides welcomed support for healing by using licorice root to protect against ulcer formation, aid in the healing of ulcers and prevent recurrent ulcerations.