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Optimal Male + T This formula addresses the nutritional needs for men today: prostate health, enhanced memory and aiding circulation. The Male formula is especially essential for aging males who have suffered the abuse of stressful lifestyles and nutritionally deficient diets. Optimal Male + T contains an unparalleled blend of holistic herbs to support the adult male body.

Support for the Male Body

OHS announces the launch of a formula that has been 15 years in the making. The Male +B formula is now called Male +T. Male +T not only still provides the vitality enhancing whole food B vitamins and prostate insurance benefits, it now dramatically helps to naturally treat problems associated with libido and male hormone aging deficiency.

Optimal Male +T was created to support the unique nutritional needs of men. Specific herbs were included to promote higher testosterone levels, prostate health, enhance memory and aid circulation. Optimal Male +T also contains our exclusive Opti-BlendTM Delivery System–a unique blend of enzymes and minerals for optimal nutrient extraction and delivery. NUTRIENTS THAT PROMOTE TESTOSTERONE AND INCREASE MEN’S VITALITY: Tribulus Terrestris. Thorough research proves that, in some studies this plant has shown to dramatically improve testosterone levels and in other studies not so much. The secret to its effectiveness comes down to the bodies ability to digest the plant and extract the compound called Protodioscin. If the body gets the Protodioscin delivered at the cellular level, testosterone increases. The continent where the Tribulus comes from and the Protodioscin and Saponin level is paramount when sourcing this nutrient. Also, the pre-digesting of the plant so that the active testosterone boosting ingredient is released is a critical component to create highly potent results. OHS uses only the highest-grade Tribulus Terrestris (40% Protodioscin, 90% Saponins) from Bulgaria, and our proprietary Opti-Blend Enzyme Digesting System.

A university study has shown that the proteolytic enzymes in our Opti-Blend created the microbial conversion products of methyl protodioscin. The study found that the specially derived enzymes enriched the reaction types of microbial bioconversion and provided a new way to produce the testosterone conversion from Tribulus Terrestris. This research is the amazing breakthrough that makes Male +T so powerful.

L-Arginine is an amino acid derived from protein. It is often referred to as the Natural Viagara. If the body can transform Arginine, you are able to get tremendous benefits. Most of arginine’s effects occur after enzymes transform it into nitcric oxide, or NO, a messenger gas that promotes blood flow to muscles, helping supply them with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function. This increase in blood flow helps stimulate the muscles throughout the entire body, including reproductive muscles.
Based on the research, because Arginine does not break down easily on its own, the amount needed is huge (4-9 grams). Again, OHS uses its proprietary Opti-Blend Proteolytic Enzyme and patented organic minerals to transform the Arginine into useable nitric oxide allowing for smaller dosages to be used without any residual amounts left to cause toxic build up. Based on studies, it has also been found that oral preparations of L-Arginine are effective at increasing resting Growth Hormone levels. In fact, mean peak GH levels of 6.4 (+/-1.3) microg/L versus placebo levels of 2.9 (+/-0.7) were shown.
Male +T helps you achieve your peak sexual health and performance gently and naturally. In people that don’t have extra low T levels, it is not an instant aphrodisiac or stimulant. However, with regular use, Male +T will allow you to be spontaneous, without the need of taking anything prior. As a natural supplement, Male +T is not a synthetic chemical, and has none of the adverse side effects associatd with chemical drugs. It is safe and non-habit forming, and has no contraindications. With regular use, Male +T’s benefits will not diminish. There is no need to increase the amount you take.

A breakthrough in the scientific enzyme process allows “Male +T” to extract larger quantities of the active ingredient of Tribulus, natural plant compounds called Protodioscin and Saponin. The Protodioscin derived from the Tribulus Terrestris is clinically proven to improve men’s sexual health, naturally help treat sexual performance problems and boost energy levels and vitality without any unwanted side effects.

Optimal Male +T also contains a unique blend that includes saw palmetto in its purest, most absorbable form. This herb has been widely used in Europe for BPH and appears to counteract the effects of androgens, the sex hormone linked to prostate enlargement. It also relieves symptoms of urinary tract inflammation. Beta sitosterol is one of the major components in saw palmetto and pygeum africanum. Research has cited this sterol to be effective in the treatment of BPH. The nutrients within this formula have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate symptoms of prostatitis, BPH, prostate cancer, and urinary dysfunction. B vitamins provide positive benefits of increased cellular potential, improved mental function, increased energy, preventing premature aging, and improving memory loss, to list a few. Optimal Male +T provides 100% of the daily recommendations for B vitamins in a whole food complex that includes all the B vitamins and all their natural co-factors as found in nature.