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Soft Cleanse

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Many health professionals recommend a ‘slow deep cleanse’ so all tissues, including the kidneys and liver, can be rid of metal toxins.
The Optimal Liver•Kidney Formula provides the herbs and nutrients for deep cleansing of these organs–helping to eliminate toxins and fortify the organ tissues. The powerful nutrients of milk thistle, barberry and dandelion are predigested utilizing our Opti-Blend™ Delivery System.

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The Optimal Opti-Cleanse & Repair Formula utilizes a proprietary chlorella herb and patented glutamine blend to remove heavy metal toxins from all bodily tissues. In addition, an extremely important function of Opti-Cleanse is to utilize special pectin fibers, along with the nitrogen from glutamine, to encompass the heavy metals and safely transport them out of the body.
This is a critical component to cleanse heavy metals.
This cleanse pak also includes Optimal Flora Plus for a unique blend of eight fully stabilized probiotics to aid in establishment and maintenance of favorable intestinal flora.

Each “Soft Cleanse” Pak contains 60 individual packets to be taken 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, over a months time, to help provide a safe, deep and effective toxin and heavy metal cleanse that can improve energy and balance the bowel.