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Auto Ship - Stress/Anxiety Relief Pak (31 Paks)
Stress/Anxiety Relief Pak

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Ongoing feelings of apprehension, fear or just nervousness can rob people of their quality of life and even negatively impact their health. The American Psychological Association reports that a large percentage of the population experience some form of anxiety or stress daily. Research concludes that chronic stress and anxiety can shorten our life spans, speed aging and dramatically increase our risk of life threatening diseases. Stress can also cause immediate problems of poor performance, cognitive function (cloudy thinking) and depressive or angry mood swings.

The good news is there are solid research proven nutrients that can help with stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can be caused by a deficiency in many nutrients and not everyone has the same deficiency. In addition, it is hard to deliver nutrients into an acidic stressed system. OHS has fixed these problems. We have combined all of the research proven nutrients into one convenient pak and made sure the nutrients are high potency, whole food derived and delivered at the cellular level. All you have to do is take one pak a day and keep one extra on hand to take if you find yourself in a stressful or anxiety filled situation.

Each pak contains over 100 stress and anxiety relieving herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes. Our Opti-Blend delivery system helps create the ability to get the fastest relief available.