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Whole C - Chewable Iron Opti T
Optimal Iron
Price: $25.20
Optimal Opti-T
Price: $25.20
Optimal Whole C contains the highest potency of whole food vitamin C available. Derived only from fruits and vegetables, it ensures your body gets vitamin C the way nature intended. Optimal Iron contains the only patented form of iron, Ferrochel, in a blend proven to be assimilated 400% more than other iron supplements. Optimal Opti-T contains a blend of specific herbs and nutrients that naturally support higher testosterone levels, reproductive health, and aid circulation.
Longevi-D EFA
Optimal EFA
Price: $29.25
Optimal Longevi-D-K2 is a potent formula that incorporates three fat-soluble nutrients, CoQ10, vitamin D and vitamin K2. These ingredients have been proven to increase longevity and lower the risk of many diseases. Optimal E.F.A. is an essential fatty acid formula geared towards cardiovascular, brain and eye health. EFAs help with the delivery of micronutrients. We do NOT use fish oil; we get our EFAs from algae, flaxseed and borage oils.