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OHS has trained and serviced tens of thousands of individuals, ranging from busy moms and dads, to top professional athletes in the world, including 7 out of the last 10 NBA Champions, many whom rely on these formulas. The OHS formulas have been time tested to be extremely potent and effective while complying with the strict drug testing policies of our professional athletes we have serviced for decades.

The Performance products from OHS are different from other companies because we utilize dozens of patented nutrients and even utilize a patent our formulator was granted, showing results better than athletes who took performance-enhancing drugs.

Check out our complete line and make sure and read the “Muscle Up” report that lays out the research showing why OHS performance products are all results and no hype.

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Optimal Natural Vitality Optimal Natural Vitality

Natural energy boost that doesn't tax adrenals.

Price: $30.00
OHS Optimal Muscle RX bottle Optimal Muscle RX

Patented nutrient blend for repairing and building lean muscle for anyone.

Price: $59.00
Complete Performance Bulk Container - Chocolate Optimal Complete Performance Bulk Container - Chocolate

Nutrients for energy and building lean muscle.

Price: $59.95
Tru-Energy Pak Tru-Energy Pak

Nutritional boost to ATP synthesis and adrenal-supporting nutrients.

Price: $59.95