DISCLAIMER; The information contained within each condition are suggested nutritional formulas based on customer feedback and what many use to nutritionally support the body. The information and products mentioned are not a diagnosis and in NO WAY is intended to treat or cure a disease. OHS formulates and creates whole food formulas for many Health Professionals and only licensed HP's can diagnose and treat disease. The products and information shown is for educational purposes based on how, many customers have reported they nutritionally support their bodies. If you have a health condition, please consult with your physician before choosing any nutritional program or supplement and base what you take off of their guidelines.

ANEMIA (IRON DEFICIENCY) : The body is unable to synthesize adequate amounts of red blood cells or the cells that are produced are smaller than normal and are dysfunctkional

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Optimal Iron
Optimal Whole B
Optimal Whole C
  • Self-Help Guidelines

  • Increase intake of foods containing complete proteins.
  • Increase intake of foods with vitamin C (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, strawberries).
  • Increase intake of foods containing iron (molasses, legumes, lean meat, spinach, soy).
  • Avoid coffee and antacids.

Medication Often Used to Treat Condition Possible Side EffectsOHS Products to Minimize Negative Effects
Ferrous Sulfate / Femiron/ Fergon / Feosol Constipation Optimal 1 Digestion
Optimal Flora
Indigestion / NauseaOptimal 1 Digestion
Optimal Flora
Opti-Cleanse and Repair
Decreased absorption of Calcium / Zinc / CopperOptimal Calcium
Optimal 2 Vitamin / Mineral / Antioxidant
Anorexia Complete Nutrition
Iron Toxicity Optimal Liver / Kidney
Optimal Cleanse & Repair