DISCLAIMER; The information contained within each condition are suggested nutritional formulas based on customer feedback and what many use to nutritionally support the body. The information and products mentioned are not a diagnosis and in NO WAY is intended to treat or cure a disease. OHS formulates and creates whole food formulas for many Health Professionals and only licensed HP's can diagnose and treat disease. The products and information shown is for educational purposes based on how, many customers have reported they nutritionally support their bodies. If you have a health condition, please consult with your physician before choosing any nutritional program or supplement and base what you take off of their guidelines.

ASTHMA is a respiratory disorder in which there is spasm, inflammation, narrowing, and excess production of mucous in the bronchials in response to an inhaled allergen. Allergies are caused by an exaggerated immune response to an allergen.

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Optimal 1 Digestion
Optimal EFA
Optimal FLORA Plus

Self-Help Guidelines

  • Increase intake of fluids

  • Increase omega-3 fatty acids (flaxseed, fish)

  • Increase intake of onions and garlic

  • try a vegan diet

Medication often used to treat Symptom Possible Side Effects OHS Products To Minimize
Negative Effects
Bronchodialators (Theophylline / Elixophyllin /
Slo-bid / Slo-Phyllin / Theobid /
Theo-Dur / Theo-lair
AnorexiaComplete Nutrition

Optimal 1 Digestion
Increased Blood SugarOptimal Fat / Sugar
Increased Liver Enzymes
Uric Acid
Optimal Liver Kidney
Corticosteroids (Cortisone / Decadron /
Hexadrol / Solu-Cortef / Depo-Medrol / Prednisolone / Aristocort
Decreased body Protein / Calcium / Phosphorous / Vitamins A,C,D and FolateOptimal 2 Vitamins / Mineral / Antioxidant
Increased Blood Sugar Optimal Fat / Sugar
Increased Blood Pressure / Cholesterol / TriglyceridesOptimal Fat / Sugar
Cataracts / Pancreatitis / Cushing's Syndrome / Decrease growth in childrenOpti-Force
Optimal 1 Digestion
Adrena-Boost (only after discontinuing steroid use)
Antibiotics Decrease Probiotics Optimal Flora
Indigestion / Nausea / Vomiting / Constipation / Diarrhea Optimal Flora
Increased Liver Enzymes Optimal Liver / Kidney
Fruit & Veggie Plus