Cleansing the body is critical in order to keep it functioning properly in today’s toxin-filled environment. OHS offers multiple cleanse options that allow you to either do a soft cleanse that won’t make you change your daily routine, or a half-day cleanse that is quick and effective. Check out the options below and make sure you do some form of cleansing 2-3 times per year in order to reach and maintain optimal health.

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21-Day Blitz Challenge Package
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    21-Day Blitz Challenge Package - 8Take one packet daily. ...

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      Opti-GI - 655705123242 How It WorksSupplies you with nutrients proven to safely remove toxins and repair stomach lining.DosingTake 2 capsules daily, or as directed by a health professional.ContraindicationsNoneKey Ingredients & Their RolesPsyllium - Remove heavy metalsLicorice Root - Support gut, liver and immune healthGinkgo Biloba - Provide antioxidants Pectin - Remove heavy metals ‍Chlorella - Binds to toxins so your body can remove themThe gastrointestinal (GI) tract is not only the...

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        Opti-Heart - 619587047928 How It WorksSupplies key nutrients proven to improve blood vessel health.DosingTake 2 capsules 2 times daily.ContraindicationsNoneKey Ingredients & Their RolesVitamin C - Support cardiovascular healthVitamin E - Promote blood vessel healthCoQ10 - Provide energy for heartMagnesium - Promote healthy heart functionL-Carnitine - Provide energy for heartGlandulars - Tissue support for heart5MTHF - Lower homocysteine levelsTaurine - Natural anti-inflammatoryL-Arginine -...

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          Opti-Lung - 619587047935 How It WorksSupplies a therapeutic dose of beta-carotene and B6, and a combination of herbs and other nutrients thought to work cooperatively in the respiratory system and associated organs.DosingTake 1 capsule 2 times daily.ContraindicationsNoneKey Ingredients & Their RolesVitamin A - Aid the development and growth of cells and tissueVitamin B6 - Help with respiratory function and protect lungsSelect Vitamins & Minerals - Support overall immune health and...

          Optimal 1 Digestion
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            Optimal 1 Digestion - 655705123013 ...

            Optimal Half-Day Organ Cleanse Kit
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              Optimal Half-Day Organ Cleanse Kit - 3 Key Ingredients & Their RolesOptimal Fruit & Veggie Plus - Provide essential nutrients and antioxidantsOptimal Opti-GI - Provide cleansing nutrientsOptimal Liver • Kidney - Provide cleansing nutrientsOptimal Flora Plus - Repopulate the gut with healthy bacteriaEpsom Salt - Draw out toxinsThis kit contains detailed instructions and customized packages numbered specifically when to take them.Fruit & Veggie single-serving packetEpsom Salt - 1st...

              Optimal Liver Kidney
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                Optimal Liver Kidney - 655705123068 Key Ingredients & Their RolesZinc - Antioxidant and aid with cleansing of the liver and kidneysMilk Thistle Extract - Heal and protect liverBarberry - Correct liver function and promote the flow of bileDandelion Root - Aid overall liver healthLipase - Help remove excess fat and aid overall health of liver and kidneysYour liver is responsible for over 600 functions. As the body’s detoxification system, the liver and kidneys are often over-taxed with the...

                Optimal Zinc-Oxy Spray
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                  Optimal Zinc-Oxy Spray - 850019587074 Key Ingredients & Their RolesZinc - Natural antimicrobialSaline solution - Flush debris out of nasal passagesOptimal Oxy-Pure - O4 oxygen that acts as a natural antimicrobial and oxygen boosterDifferent from our Essential Zinc encapsulated product, Zinc-Oxy Spray provides immediate zinc benefits through the nasal passages. Optimal Zinc-Oxy Spray combines two OHS formulas with a saline solution to deliver nutritional support for immediate relief to your...

                  Soft Cleanse Pak
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                    Soft Cleanse Pak - 44 Key Ingredients & Their RolesLicorice Root - Support gut, liver and immune healthPsyllium - Bind to and remove heavy metalsOat Bran - Promote a healthy colonCelery - Inflammation reductionSweet Potato - Natural anti-inflammatory that promotes liver healthPectin - Bind to and remove heavy metalsChlorella - Bind to and remove heavy metalsJerusalem Artichoke - Help detoxify liverBarberry Root - Natural detoxifierDandelion Root - Encourages removal of toxins through...