Essential NADH

NADH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide plus hydrogen) is a stable and bioavailable coenzyme that helps promote cellular energy production, and provides nutritional neurotransmitter support.

Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:

  • Correct mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve brain function
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    Formulated to Improve Energy Levels and Neurotransmitter Health

    How It Works

    Protects brain cells, increases brain energy, and stimulates neurotransmitters.


    Take 1 capsule daily.



    Key Ingredients & Their Roles

    NADH - Improve neurotransmitter health
    D-Ribose - Boost ATP production

    Protect Your Brain from the Negative Effects of Stress

    Stress on the BrainStress affects your thought process and memory. This spills over into mood and elevated inflammatory markers (the common theme among disease, including mental decline, like Alzheimer’s).

    Now, your brain isn’t just this intricately folded network of tissue. There are a lot of moving parts, many of them not visible to the naked eye. Your brain will shut down sections of this neural orchestra when suffering from chronic stress. When this happens, your brain is just surviving, instead of remembering.
    Longterm, this means your brain rewires itself to cope with chronic stress. Some parts of your brain grow stronger to cope while other critical elements grow weaker. Here are the core things that happen:

    • Memory function changes (you grow more forgetful because your brain needs to survive instead of remember)
    • The amygdala steers the neural ship (this feeds into poor memory)
    • Your brain loses neuroplasticity and becomes rigid
    • You develop neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Prion, etc.)

    Ideally, you want everything to be balanced, to be structured and wired the way nature intended your brain to function. This makes you a healthier, happier person and your risk for disease is significantly reduced.

    When chronic stress deals damage, it takes extra work to heal your brain. There are key nutrients to help accomplish this. However, in order for them to induce any lasting healing, you need to take steps to reduce and manage your stressors.

    Strategies to Preserve Your Brain and Your Sanity
    The following is a list of ideas and suggestions to help you get stress under control:

    • Go to counseling
    • Prioritize sleep
    • Unplug from technology
    • Implement organizational strategies
    • Take a much-needed vacation
    • Improve dietary habits and minimize caffeine intake

    There are things in your life causing you stress, but what’s in your control that you can change for the better? Not sure how to be objective or constructive? Seek professional help or talk to a friend/family member that can be honest and helpful. Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to.

    Sometimes one of the most therapeutic things you can do is cease the habits and routines that induce stress, namely taking a break from your computer and phone, or even take the time to enjoy a change of scenery. Getting out of that rut can refresh you and help you take an objective look at your life.

    I’ve taken the time to have this section because it runs parallel to treating subluxations. If we have a patient with a bad back, we can do adjustments every day for them, but nothing’s going to stick of said patient doesn’t make any lifestyle changes that promote a stronger back and getting that adjustment to hold.

    The same goes for brain and mental health. Patients have to take the time to invest in their brain and mental wellbeing if the best whole food supplements in the world are going to make a lasting difference.

    Yes, patients need adequate nutrition and often a therapeutic dose of supplementation to induce a healthy change, but the bottom line is chronic stress won’t end because of a pill. It ends because of personal growth and change (aided by supplementation as necessary).

    NADH on the Brain
    Speaking of supplementation, research shows NADH can be a huge help with stress and brain health and healing. Data suggests it protects brain cells, increases brain energy, and stimulates neurotransmitters.

    NADH repairs cell and DNA damage by aiding in boosting the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) which relaxes blood vessels in your brain, thus increasing blood flow. NADH also acts as an antioxidant, helping eliminate free radicals that damage brain cells.

    NADH provides electrons for ATP synthesis that fuels mitochondria in brain cells. Low levels of NADH result in brain fog, slow mental processing, and cognitive decline.

    In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study researchers did a 3-month trial with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. 86 patients were chosen to receive either 20 mg of NADH daily or a placebo for the first 2-months. Mean age of the participants was 47 years.

    The study measured the intensity of fatigue, functional performance, mood state, functional impact of fatigue, quality of life, sleep quality, and exercise capacity. Each was measured prior to the study. And then at 30, 60 and 90 days of treatment.

    The study found that oral administration of NADH resulted in decreased anxiety and maximum heart rate.

    NADH affects cognitive function by stimulating the production of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are involved in memory, learning, cognition, recall, and mood.

    Studies show that NADH may be low in those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). So researchers in Spain set out to evaluate the efficacy of supplementing NADH in those with CFS.

    The research team recruited 86 CFS patients with a mean age of 47 years to take part in a 3-month double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The patients were given 20 mg of NADH or a placebo for 2 months.

    The team found that those using NADH experienced a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms. And maximum heart rate dropped.

    Dr. Harris Essential NADH
    Essential NADH is a stable and bioavailable coenzyme that helps promote cellular energy production, provides nutritional neurotransmitter support and enhances cognitive function. If you and your brain are feeling the effects of stress, then a pure potent blend of highly bioavailable NADH may be the pick-me-up you need to heal up and be at the top of your mental game.

    Essential NADH
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