Fad diets are just that: fads. They might work for a while but then all that hard work piles right back on your belly and thighs, and so on. Why don't fads produce permanent weight loss results? Because they're not a lifestyle. To unlock permanent weight loss and optimal health, you have to develop a lifestyle (eating habits included) that work for you, and only you. OHS is here to help you on your permanent weight loss journey with clear guidelines, thorough nutrition education, and supplement help.

Are you ready to walk the path that will lead you to stop stressing about your weight?

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Optimal Complete Nutrition Plus
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    Optimal Complete Nutrition Plus - 689076768665 Key Ingredients & Their RolesVegetarian Protein - Sourced from organic ancient grains to provide the protein your muscles need for recovery and strength buildingHealthy Carbohydrates - Sourced from antioxidant-rich organic fruits and vegetables for quality energyHealthy Fat - Omega fatty acids from organic flax seed for healthy skin and heart, along with encourages processed fats to be removed from tissueAntioxidants - Neutralize the free...

    Optimal Fat Sugar Trim
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      Optimal Fat Sugar Trim - 655705123037 Key Ingredients & Their RolesLipase - Breaks down fat into usable energyChromium - Stabilize blood sugarGarcinia Cambogia - Suppress appetite and block the production of new fatsCinnamon Verum - Lower blood sugar levelsRaspberry Ketones - Reduce fat massRhodiola Crenulata - Increase energy levelsGulcomannanase - Increases satiety and reduces fat absorptionFat is necessary for heath. However, fat must be properly broken down and digested to avoid...

      Optimal LipoLean CLA
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        Optimal LipoLean CLA - 619587047775 Key Ingredients & Their RolesConjugated Linoleic Acid - A fatty acid that encourages fat loss and decreases appetiteOptimal Health Systems has been around for decades but this is the first weight loss product CLAIM we’re putting on the market.We have finally deemed enough research has been put into all the prospective weight loss aid ingredients and are confident we have chosen the most effective one: conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).This was not a trivial...

        Optimal Natural Vitality
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          Optimal Natural Vitality - 689076545273 Key Ingredients & Their RolesB Vitamins - Give your body energy and help with brain functionL-Taurine - Helps boost energy levelsGinkgo Biloba Leaf - Improves cardiovascular functionCholine - Provide healthy source of B vitaminsDMAE-Dimethylethanolamine - Increases production of acetylcholine, thus increase brain functionRhodiola Crenulata Root - Increases energy, endurance, strength, and mental capacityL-Tyrosine - Improves mental performance,...

          Weight Reduction Package
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            Weight Reduction Package - 1We also have included Optimal LipoLean CLA, our craving and fat reduction formula. It comes separately because each bottle is a 3-month supply. Just take two pills in the morning, and two more before bed every day, until the entire bottle is gone. ...