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If your food does not digest properly, then your eating and exercising patterns don't matter.

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there's something that everyone seems to breeze over.


Enzymes are something that hardly anyone outside the nutrition world talks about. Truth is, the general population should understand the importance of enzymes! Without them, you would die. They’re that important to your health! They’re overlooked because we live in a world that’s in the habit of treating symptoms, instead of the root cause. Once you understand the basics of how enzymes keep you healthy, you can easily protect yourself from developing countless health problems. You will also minimize trips to the doctor and keep medical costs to a minimum.

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What are enzymes?

Enzymes are minute protein molecules naturally found in foods we eat. The catch is they're contained only in raw, unprocessed foods.

  • Temperature
    Anything cooked over 118º F destroys digestive enzymes.
  • Enable Chemical Reactions
    They're catalysts that enable a chemical reaction to occur for digesting food into useful nutrients.
  • Benefits for Us
    They are a driving force in our bodies to keep every system functioning optimally.

Warning signs of enzyme Deficiency

You might be surprised to learn that indigestion is your first clue that your body is lacking in digestive enzymes. Just as with other health issues, there are both early and late warning signs.

  • Early Warning Signs
    Gas, heartburn, bloating, excessive burping, upset stomach, diarrhea
  • Late Warning Sings
    Weight gain, difficulty losing weight, frequent sickness, premature aging

As a word of advice -- you are not antacid or acid-blocker deficient; you're enzyme deficient. The last thing you want is to halt the digestive process.

What's the Solution?

Fill yourself with digestive enzymes. Optimal Digestion has a full lineup of digestive enzymes from patented organic minerals. Below you can find some more benefits of Optimal Digestion as well as other similar products.

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Can help reduce acid reflux
Aids digestion - doesn't block it
Can help with fatigue and more
Repairs damage in digestive system
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Helps digest proteins
Reduces Inflammation
Works faster than NSAIDs
Kills bad bacteria & helps the good
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Improves intestinal health
Contains all 9 strands of flora
Helps with fatigue, colds, and more
Fights against toxins and infections
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