Immune Support Bundle

Since your genetics are unique to you, it's essential to support your immune system from every angle with probiotics, nitrates, herbs, and whole food vitamins C and D. The Immune Support Bundle contains over 150 proven nutrients from four powerful formulas. It also includes our signature resistance band and three helpful resources to guide you through simple steps that can strengthen your body and immune system.

Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:

  • Boost immune system
  • Restore immune system
  • Protection from viruses and bacteria
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    Immune Support Bundle - immune

    Formulated to Nutritionally Support Your Immune System and Function

    How It Works

    Providing potent doses of a complete array of nutrients.


    Optimal Whole C: Take 1 tablet 3 times daily.
    Natural Z Pak: Take 1 packet 3 times daily for 10 days.
    Opti-BFF: Take 3 tablets daily.
    Fruit & Veggie Plus: Take 1 scoop daily with water or healthy liquid of choice.



    Key Ingredients & Their Roles

    Optimal Whole C: Provide a huge dose of immune-boosting whole food vitamin C
    Natural Z Pak: Provide a huge dose of immune-boosting nutrients proven to fight viruses and pathogenic bacteria
    Opti-BFF: Improve blood flow and nitric oxide levels
    Fruit & Veggie Plus: Provide a huge dose of antioxidants

    Optimal Whole C
    Hundreds of studies on vitamin C give testament to its ability to both bolster the immune system and help the body ramp up after the onset of a condition. But knowing that vitamin C works is just the beginning of the equation. You also need the right kind of vitamin C.

    Optimal Whole C from Optimal Health Systems provides a complete vitamin C complex made from real food.

    The synthetic versions of vitamin C are just ascorbic acid. Optimal Whole C provides all four of the parts found in a real vitamin C product: ascorbic acid, rutin, bioflavonoids and J & K factor.

    If you want to include Vitamin C supplement in your immune-building arsenal, you should provide it in the effective way nature intended--with real food found in Optimal Whole C.

    Natural Z Pak
    Our Natural Z Pak is a powerhouse bundle of nutrients. Each Natural Z Pak contains 30 individual pouches with seven capsules in each pouch. Many people are taking high dose vitamin D paired with powerful herbs and probiotics to boost their immunity against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. This pak combines them all so that you don’t have to take bottle after bottle of nutrients.

    The capsules in each pouch contain nine strains of friendly flora plus over 50 other nutrients. All the nutrients are provided in carefully calculated amounts so they work synergistically to give your immune system a massive boost.

    Friendly flora (also known as “good bacteria” or probiotics) are your immune system's first line of defense. If your gut is not defended by several pounds of good bacteria, then it's easy for bad bacteria and disease to take hold. Endless studies prove the importance of friendly flora.

    The Natural Z Pak also includes one of the most critical immune-boosting nutrients: vitamin D. Studies show most of the population has inadequate vitamin D levels, making them prone to viral and bacterial attacks. To make our vitamin D more potent, we don't isolate it. Vitamin D works best when paired with Vitamin K2 and CoQ10. You'll find them all in the Natural Z Pak pouches.

    You can't optimize your immune system without good circulation and blood flow, and that's where Opti-BFF comes in. Although this chewable has many great benefits, the research on organic nitrates stopping the replication of the coronavirus (SARS edition) is astonishing.

    Nitric oxide's ability to boost the immune system was dramatically proven during the SARS coronavirus outbreak. Studies showed that nitric oxide from organic nitrate like found in Opti-BFF was able to “inhibit the replication cycle of the SARS coronavirus.”

    The ingredients in Opti-BFF can literally invigorate your health within minutes. This happens thanks to a huge boost of methylation, anabolism and NITRIC OXIDE—all of which dramatically increase your blood vessel flexibility and blood flow.

    This happens because your nitric oxide level is increased. And with improved oxygen circulation, and increased lung capacity, you can't help but have a stronger immune system.What is this magical nitric oxide? So glad you asked. It is a gas produced in every tissue, organ and blood vessel. This gas triggers a chemical reaction that tells arteries to relax, which leads to increased oxygen and blood flow.

    Unfortunately nitric oxide diminishes as people age. This is one of the primary reasons elderly people are more susceptible to disease.

    You can partially turn this situation around by consuming food nitrates, which can be found in foods like arugula and cilantro. However, since nitric oxide levels are reduced by about 75% by the time a person reaches their 70s, only supplementing can provide the amounts needed for dramatic change.

    To gain the immune benefit of a nitric oxide level increase, Opti-BFF provides a massive dose of creatine nitrate in every tablet. In addition, Opti-BFF contains an extensive nitrate food blend and a little caffeine from green tea.

    Fruit & Veggie Plus
    To complete the Immune Support Bundle we included potent antioxidants and phytonutrients through the ONLY green/red formula powder on the market whose nutrients have been given 9 GOVERNMENT FUNCTION CLAIMS. One of those claims supports a healthy immune response.

    Fruit & Veggie Plus supports a healthy immune response by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals are created in your body when your body is under stress, including from viral and bacterial attacks.
    When the immune system musters to fight intruders, the oxygen it uses spins off an army of free radicals that destroy viruses, bacteria, and damaged body cells in an oxidative burst.

    Because these free radicals are so pervasive and responsible for so much inflammation, you need an adequate supply of antioxidants to disarm them.There are five major types of free radicals, and Fruit & Veggie Plus is carefully formulated to neutralize all five types. This requires a wide variety of foods, because different foods neutralize each of the different free radicals.

    Even if you regularly eat fruits and vegetables, you’re probably not consuming the wide variety necessary to offset all five types of free radicals. To fix this, Fruit & Veggie Plus utilizes 38 different fruits, vegetables, herbs and juices from 15 different countries.

    Studies performed by New Brunswick Laboratories confirmed that the Fruit & Veggie Plus powder neutralizes all five free radicals. Our human trials were so successful we are able to make nine structure function claims--including that it provides a healthy immune response.

    Fruit & Veggie Plus has over 13 times the antioxidant potency that the average American consumes per day. That's 20,000 antioxidant ORAC units per serving. This potency is virtually guaranteed to reduce free radicals and inflammation, and to keep you body geared-up for an immediate immune response when needed.

    Immune Support Bundle
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