Muscle Cussor Massage Gun

  • Easy to use without disturbing others because of its low volume
  • Has a very high percussions per minute rate
  • Four-hour battery life
  • Includes six different accessories
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    OHS Content

    Multi-Purpose Deep Tissue Massage

    Ball Head

    Improve recovery and reduce soreness after workouts with a gentle oblique impact (great for beginners).

    Small Flat Head

    Relax and shape with equal pressure (great for deep tissue and full body recovery).

    Thumb Head

    Pinpoint accuracy and depth (targets deep tissue and relaxes muscles knots).

    Muscle Cussor Massage Gun

    Flat Head

    Similar to the Small Flat Head but with a slight raise (great for angled areas).

    Bullet Head

    Precision and depth (perfect for trigger points and can be used to increase circulation).

    Fork Head

    Divided precision for loosening tissues and improving flexibility (can be used for decompression).

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    Muscle Cussor Massage Gun - 619587048017

    The Muscle Cussor is truly the all-in-one massage gun. It offers the highest percussions per minute, well above the industry leader, extended 4-hour battery life, and 6 different accessories. Best of all, it’s incredibly quiet so it can be used at any time without disturbing others.

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    Muscle Cussor Massage Gun
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