Because the majority of OHS customers are doctors and professional athletes, we specialize in formulas that help with the body’s natural mechanisms that control inflammation and pain. Each formula is packed with nutrients that have extensive university research showing they can help nutritionally support the body without the side effects of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

Please ask for or download our special report on inflammation and disease. You will discover why it is so important to reduce even low grade body inflammation for long-term optimal health.

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Joint Pak
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    Joint Pak - 4 Key Ingredients & Their RolesZinc - Promote cartilage healthCopper - Help regrow cartilageManganese - Aid in bone development and maintenanceAcerola Cherry - Reduce inflammationChondroitin Sulfate - Reduce inflammation and improve joint healthGinger Root - Reduce inflammationGlucosamine HCL - Reduce cartilage degenerationMSM - Reduce inflammation, along with make collagen and glucosamineProprietary Natural Anti-Inflammatory Enzyme Blend - Reduce inflammationYucca Root -...

    Optimal Acute
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      Optimal Acute - 655705123044 Key Ingredients & Their RolesZinc - Chelated, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidantCopper - Chelated, natural anti-inflammatoryManganese - Chelated, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps reduce cell damageProteolytic Enzyme Blend - Potent blend of various protease enzymes that help remove damaged tissue and provide the building blocks for repairTurmeric - Organic, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidantNutritionally Supports Inflammation...

      Optimal BonePlus Calcium
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        Optimal BonePlus Calcium - 655705123136 How It WorksProvides a highly absorbable form of chelated calcium and bone building ipriflavone.DosingFor Osteoporosis or fracture nutritional support: Take 2 capsules three times per day with meals.For bone support: Take 1 morning and night (check support sheet for dosages if person knows their t-score).ContraindicationsNoneKey Ingredients & Their RolesCalcium - Chelated, patented form that provides your body with the building blocks it needs to...

        Optimal Chronic
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          Optimal Chronic - 655705123051 Key Ingredients & Their RolesManganese - Chelated, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, helping reduce cell damageGlucosamine - Organic anti-inflammatory nutrient that keeps joints well lubricatedChondroiton Sulfate - Organic nutrient for rebuilding cartilage and tendonsYucca - Natural anti-inflammatory that helps soothe painPowerful Nutrients for Joint DysfunctionFight arthritis, joint pain, headaches, "old" injuries and other chronic...

          Optimal Fruit & Veggie Plus
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            Optimal Fruit & Veggie Plus - 689076768764 Key Ingredients & Their RolesRaw freeze-dried fruits & vegetables - 14 fruits and vegetables chosen for the high antioxidant capacityOrganic Juices - 10 fruits and vegetables chosen for the high antioxidant capacityHerbs & Extracts - 14 fruits and vegetables chosen for the high antioxidant capacityBacked by 9 Government-Approved ClaimsProven to Neutralize All 5 Major Free RadicalsMany scientists and researchers thought for years that...