OHS has trained and serviced tens of thousands of individuals, ranging from busy moms and dads, to top professional athletes in the world, including 7 out of the last 10 NBA Champions, many whom rely on these formulas. The OHS formulas have been time tested to be extremely potent and effective while complying with the strict drug testing policies of our professional athletes we have serviced for decades.

The Performance products from OHS are different from other companies because we utilize dozens of patented nutrients and even utilize a patent our formulator was granted, showing results better than athletes who took performance-enhancing drugs.

Check out our complete line and make sure and read the “Muscle Up” report that lays out the research showing why OHS performance products are all results and no hype.

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Optimal Complete Performance - Exotic Chocolate
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    Optimal Complete Performance - Exotic Chocolate - 718122762279 Key Ingredients & Their RolesVegetarian Protein - Core building blocks your body needs for muscle building and repairHealthy Carbs - Energy for recoveryEssential Vitamins & Minerals - Nutrients your body needs for recovery and repair, and overall healthOptimal Complete Performance is the best-tasting, most absorbable whole-food performance powder on the market.Our goal was to create a high-protein formula utilizing...

    Optimal Muscle RX
    Price: $59.00
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      Optimal Muscle Rx - 718122762477 Key Ingredients & Their RolesCreatine - Aid in lean muscle developmentBCAAs - Promote muscle growthMagnesium - Promote muscle growth without unwanted side effectsChromium - Regulate blood sugar and cortisol levelsGlutamine - Promote muscle synthesis and balance intestinal pHStanding strong with U.S. formula patent #5,888,553 and five other ingredient patents, Muscle Rx helps sustain and build lean muscle for anyone, from professional athletes to people...

      Optimal Natural Vitality
      Price: $30.00
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        Optimal Natural Vitality - 689076545273 Key Ingredients & Their RolesB Vitamins - Give your body energy and help with brain functionL-Taurine - Helps boost energy levelsGinkgo Biloba Leaf - Improves cardiovascular functionCholine - Provide healthy source of B vitaminsDMAE-Dimethylethanolamine - Increases production of acetylcholine, thus increase brain functionRhodiola Crenulata Root - Increases energy, endurance, strength, and mental capacityL-Tyrosine - Improves mental performance,...

        Tru-Energy Pak
        Price: $59.95
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          Tru-Energy Pak - 95 Key Ingredients & Their RolesOptimal Muscle Rx - Provides a complete array of nutrients your muscles need for energy and performanceOptimal Cort-Adrena - Promote adrenal gland healthOptimal Longevi-D-K2 - Provide energy-boosting nutrientsOptimal Natural Vitality - Provide a large, healthy dose of B vitamins for high energyMental Clarity Blend - Provide nutrients for mental clarity and alertnessWhen we talk about energy, most of the time caffeine comes into the...