Essential D-Ribose (Powder)

Essential D-Ribose is a non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free source of D-Ribose that helps enhance ATP energy production.

Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:

  • Restore energy at the cellular level
  • Improve heart and muscle function
  • Improve athletic performance
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    Formulated to Boost Energy at the Cellular Level

    How It Works

    Enhances ATP production.


    Take1 scoop morning and evening.



    Key Ingredients & Their Roles

    D-Ribose - Provide cellular energy

    Get Cellular With Energy During Times of Stress

    In a pilot study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 41 patients with fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome who were given ribose supplements, 66% of the patients showed significant improvement in symptoms such as lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, and pain.

    Everything slows down and/or weakens with age. Compound that on top of chronic stress and mustering the energy to get out of bed becomes an achievement in and of itself.

    ATP, energy your cells use to function properly and keep your body in working condition, slows down with age, and then takes another hit every time you’re stressed out. Research shows that supplementing with D-ribose is an effective way to restore and strengthen ATP production, thus help you regain energy.

    Stress, Anxiety and Low Energy

    Energy starts at the cellular level, specifically in the organelle called mitochondria. They’re known as the powerhouses of your cells because they are responsible for energy production, or ATP. In fact, 99% of ATP production occurs inside mitochondria. With many pathologic conditions and aging, mitochondrial function declines, and there is a reduction in the production of ATP. This includes stress.

    When you’re stressed, your body enters a fight-or-flight mode that causes cell death. When you’re chronically stressed, this cycle becomes even worse and you’re plagued with free radicals from head to toe.

    The cells in your brain have mitochondria, too. “Because of their unique role in generating ATP, mitochondria are vital to the functioning of all types of human cells, especially those that require large amounts of energy. Neurons in particular have high energy demands; although our brains only weigh about three pounds, they account for around 20% of our bodies’ glucose and oxygen consumption.”

    D-ribose is a naturally-occurring sugar found in cells and particularly in the mitochondria. It is a great fuel source. Without sufficient energy, cells cannot maintain integrity and function. Supplemental D-ribose has been shown to improve cellular processes when there is mitochondrial dysfunction.

    “Alzheimer's disease (AD), at times referred to as type 3 diabetes, is the most common form of dementia in elderly people. AD is characterized by an imbalance of the cellular energetic metabolism.” In other words: ATP is taking a hit and this decline is correlated with the onset of cognitive decline.

    A growing body of clinical data is further elaborating potential connections between stress, depression, and mitochondria, a report in Biological Psychiatry said. One of the most striking studies was published in 2015 by Cai et al., who collaborated with more than 60 other scientists to look at a cohort of 11,670 women from China. The group included women who had never been depressed and women with recurrent depression.

    When the investigators performed whole-genome sequencing, they saw two major group differences. First, women with a history of stressful life experiences had an increased total amount of mtDNA. This indicated oxidative damage to mitochondria, or even cell death. The second finding was that women who had experienced stressful life events had shortened telomeres, which can be seen in settings of oxidative stress. This affects cellular energy.

    Human and animal studies suggest an intriguing link between mitochondrial diseases and depression, noting that chronically stressed cells dampened neuroplasticity, including plasticity within the cell. This leads to mitochondria dysfunction.

    Dysfunctional mitochondria decrease the pool of available ATP, which is believed to have detrimental effects on signal transduction pathways, dampening activity in neuronal circuits, and interfering with mitochondrial function. This negative cascade is correlated with the development of depression.

    Ultimately, all this means it’s wise to take care of our mitochondria when stressed, be it momentarily or chronically. If not, we face cognitive decline and being in a constant state of fatigue and unhappiness.

    How to Tell if Your Mitochondria Are Struggling

    Some people are born predisposed to mitochondrial problems. These often manifest early in life. From a mental health perspective, they will be predisposed to depression, bipolar issues, anxiety, autism, etc. On the other hand, said problems can develop gradually. The biggest giveaway is constant fatigue despite adequate sleep.

    A graduate development usually stems from stress, toxins, medication, poor sleep, poor nutrition, heavy metal exposure, lack of exercise, and more.

    Supplemental D-ribose may play an inhibitory role in the breakdown of adenine nucleotides, influencing the subsequent formation of xanthine and uric acid compounds; and thereby affecting the release of superoxide anion radicals. The combination of D-ribose with reducing antioxidants may provide a more optimal state of cellular protection during and following times of oxidative stress.

    Supplementing with D-Ribose has been shown to help protect your cells and improve ATP energy production, giving you a boost of energy to combat stress. It has been shown to help circumvent the enzymatic step to assist with replenishing ATP levels in cells.

    Dr. Marc Harris’s Essential D-Ribose Powder

    Essential D-Ribose is a non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free source of D-Ribose that helps enhance ATP energy production. Our D-Ribose from Dr. Harris comes in a bulk powder with an easy-to-use 5 gram scoop. Most companies’ serving size is less than 100 mg, which does not provide the needed levels for full energy and ATP production benefits.

    Essential D-Ribose (Powder)
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