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Optimal Health Systems

We are a holistic health company with a mission to raise the standard of health and fitness by providing superior systems of extraordinary service, motivational support, and customized nutrition, exercise, and specific supplementation, creating the ability for every individual to achieve optimal health.

OHS is one of the few long-established supplement companies that have not sold out to large pharmaceutical conglomerates. We base all of our formulas on proven, scientific research that obey the laws of nature. Our formulators and nutritionists are in-office and always available to answer questions and provide nutritional consult for both you and your patients.

Our wide range of supplement formulas are whole food sourced, utilizing vitamins from actual food , patented chelated (organic) minerals, pure plant enzymes, and heat and acid stabilized probiotics.


What Makes Us Unique?

We pride ourselves on being a true “farm-to-consumer” company.

Our whole food ingredients, sourced from all over the world, are carefully run through our patented Whole Food Cultured Media and Opti-Blend Delivery System (we literally pre-digest the formulas with plant enzymes before they’re bottled) to ensure the highest potency and maximum absorbency.

Once the formulation process is complete, each formula undergoes third-party testing to ensure the highest level of potency and purity.

We then bottle, label, market, sell, and ship each formula in-house, providing us the opportunity to have full control of EVERY crucial step of the formulation process and provide the best possible customer experience.

Why should you become an OHS professional?

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    What is in it for you & your clinic?

    Quality & Integrity: Our top priority is providing you, your clinic, and your patients with formulas that not only provide better results than the competition, but that you trust to recommend, knowing we’ll bring your patients closer to optimal health.

    Increased Residual Income: We provide several options to help increase both the physical health of your patients and the financial health of your clinic by

    1. Purchasing our formulas at wholesale pricing and reselling to your patients within your clinic or
    2. Referring them to purchase directly from us, Their account will be connected to you so that you receive commission on every product purchased. We even have simple tools, such as Direct Script, to make product recommendations easy and efficient.

    Clinic Success:
    We take pride in creating, training, and certifying our Health Professionals in proven systems that they can easily implement within their clinics. These systems have been proven time and time again to bring their patients out of pain faster, increase their clinic’s financial stability, provide more patient referrals, and catapult their clinic’s future success.

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    What is in it for your patients?

    Feel Better, Faster: Whether your patients come to you for pain relief, physical adjustments, nutritional advice, disease prevention, or anything in between, our whole food sourced, potent, and easily-absorbed products and proven systems will help them feel and look better in drastically less time.

    Easy, Automatic Shipments (if desired): We realize that for patients to make real change, it must be convenient. To simplify their healthy lifestyle, we offer automatic shipment subscriptions. Your patient will receive everything you’ve recommended they should take, at a discounted price, delivered right to their door on a consistent basis. They never have to worry about the hassle of reordering.

    Optimal Health: Once your patient’s immediate needs have been met, we have a wide range of products and research-backed information to help them continue to make strides towards optimal health and longevity.

Mix & Match Our Unique Programs & Systems To Best Fit Your Clinic's Needs

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Easily Recommend Products with Direct Script & Affiliate Links

Our new and improved Direct Script program was created with the busy clinician in mind. Using your preferred phone, tablet, or computer, you can easily send product and blood work "prescriptions" to your patient's email address and cell phone via text message, for free.

Your patient will receive either an email, text message, or both, with a link to purchase. When clicked, the link will take them directly to the shopping cart on the Optimal Health System's website with your exact recommended products and quantities. When purchased, you will automatically receive credit for the purchase, the patient will be linked to you for life, and you will receive 35% commission for all products purchased, paid monthly.

If social media plays a large role in your clinic, we can provide a customized affiliate link so you can easily recommend products and ensure you receive the credit and commission for each sale.

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Offer Customized Supplementation with Custom Health Paks

Rather than referring patients to purchase several different formulas, make supplementation simpler by combining those needed formulas into a single box with customized packets containing up to 8 formulas per packet. Custom Health Paks can be customized to be taken once or several times per day, depending on the patient's needs.

Image of the products Liver Kidney, E.F.A., Flora Plus, Magnesium, Longevi-Dk2, Digest-A-Meal, and Whole Food Vitamin Mineral. There is a gray arrow pointing to an NRX Custom Health Pak, Packet, Report, a Bottle of Digest-A-Meal, and three vials of blood.

Determine & fulfill your Patient's exact nutrient needs with Nutrients Rx.

Even if nutrition and supplementation aren't your clinic's specialty, we can help you objectively determine your patient's exact nutrient needs through blood and lab analysis and a comprehensive questionnaire. Our newest program, Nutrients Rx, allows your patients to test their blood for over 200 biomarkers at an extremely discounted price and receive the exact nutrients they need within a Custom Health Pak based on their blood work results and medical history. Their customized supplement regimen is automatically created and shipped directly to their door each month. When it comes time for the patient to retest their blood and labs in 6 months, they'll be able to do so at a low cost.

Not only are our patients receiving the EXACT nutrients to meet their unique needs, but you are able to prove that the nutrients are bringing them closer to optimal health each time their blood is re-tested through an easy-to-read report and you receive a monthly commission for each customized shipment. It truly takes the guesswork out of nutrition and supplementation.

Become Certified in Time-Tested Methods to Improve Patient Results & Continue Your Education

Each year, we host multiple training and certification seminars around the nation to help Health Professionals learn and become certified in methods and systems proven to bring patients out of pain and closer to optimal health. We've partnered with the following incredibly qualified doctors to not only formulate specialty lines of products, but also travel the nation teaching hundreds of Health Professionals their time-tested systems:

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    Dr. Mark Harris, ND

    Dr. Harris teaches all about methylation, how to test for different genetic deficiencies (SNPs) through a kit provided to you, and the exact protocols, including nutrition, to be used to immediately fix those issues.

  • A picture of Dr. John Brimhall in a Purple shirt with a forest in the background.

    Dr. John Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

    Dr. Brimhall is known as the "Father of Wellness" and is one of the original practitioners in functional testing. He teaches his infamous "6 Steps to Wellness" system that includes how to test and balance the body's systems to ensure the best patient results using his easy-to-learn 6 step process, complete with a functional testing kit.

Full Access to Patient Education & Marketing Materials

Our team is constantly working to create new educational material based on the latest research that Health Professionals have full access to use to educate their patients, both within the clinic and virtually via social media and email marketing.

  • Image of the front and back covers of the Nutrition 101 the How-To's.

    Need help teaching your patients the importance and basics of nutrition? Our newest book, Nutrition 101, was created for that exact purpose. We go through the basics of calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, and the importance of digestion to help your patients make healthier diet choices each day.

  • Image showing 4 different special reports overlapping one another.

    Our Special Health Reports are in-depth, educational articles on specific conditions and symptoms, such as infectious diseases, sleep disorders, and muscle loss, that might be ailing your patients. These reports can be customized with your clinic's information (clinic name, address, contact information, referral code, etc.) and either mailed to you within your order or emailed to you as a PDF file for you to print out and use in you clinic.

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    We work hard to keep our social media platforms and blog, the Optimal Health Insider, up to date with the latest research and useful information to help others work towards optimal health. These social media and blog posts can be repurposed by you and your clinic to help educate your patients on the importance of nutrition and supplementation.

  • Image of a phone on the OHS Facebook Group.

    In addition, we also have a private Facebook group exclusive to OHS Health Professionals where you can network with link-minded peers, ask questions, and discuss products, conditions, and protocols. We also post live product updates, special discounts, and more.

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  • Easy Diagnosing

    Optimal Health System's products are also integrated into programs such as BrainTap Technologies and Zyto Pro Systems to make nutritional diagnosing even easier, depending on your clinic's needs and demographic.

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Ready to take advantage of all of these programs and benefits available as a Health Professional with Optimal Health Systems?

Click here to enter your information and one of our experienced representatives will contact you to set up your account and send you a free HP Success Kit ($80 value) full of product samples and information to get started. We'll also set up a time for you to speak one on one with our founder and chief formulator, Douglas D. Grant, to discuss your clinic's needs and determine how Optimal Health Systems can best serve you and your patients.