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Douglas D. Grant

Founder & Formulator of Optimal Health Systems

Douglas, also known as “The Formulator,” is a world-renowned nutritionist and professional trainer. He has spent most of his career researching and formulating programs and products that health professionals, professional athletes, and the public use to reach optimal health and performance.

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The Formulator

Helping doctors, patients, athletes & the public reach optimal health for over 30 years.

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    Health Professional Educator

  • Doug Grant in the INBA PNBA Hall of Fame.

    Nutritionist & Professional Trainer

  • Formula Patent Holder


Our Mission is to raise the standard of health and fitness by providing superior systems of extraordinary service, motivational support, and customized nutrition, exercise, and specific supplementation, creating for every individual, the expectation and ability to gain optimal health.

a picture of Doug in a wheelchair from several years ago.

A Firm Decision for Holistic Health

OHS Began in 1989 after Doug had a serious spine injury.

As a Nutritionist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Doug knew there was a better way to healing faster. Hear more about his story and the origin of OHS in the video below...

Optimal health systems with doug grant's knowledge makes


Doug took what knowledge he gained through his education, experiences, and training to create OHS to help others reach optimal health holistically.

Utilizing bloodwork, fixed nutrition, supplementation of whole-food vitamins, herbs, and minerals, and exercise, we're able to look at what is happening at the CELL level to help get you on the right path.

Doug after years of doing just that and creating results of higher performance in some of the most elite athletes...
Team owners, coaches, and other CEOs started asking if we could do the same for them.
And obviously, the results were just as impactful.

NBCCA Nutritionist

1st Nutritionist Hired For The NBA

Only Nutritionist to represent the NBCCA (National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association) Phoenix Suns team from 1993 - 2003.

He did blood labs and created custom supplement programs for players, staff and owners (much like Nutrients Rx today!)

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7 World Championships

Doug was also the nutritionist for the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat for over 2 decades working with hall of fame strength coaches Mike Brungardt and Bill Foran.

Teams associated with won 7 World Championships in 10 year time span.

  • Image of Mike Brungardt and his testimony.
  • Image of Bill Foran and his testimony.

World Record Attempt for push ups in one minute

Doug's Highlight on NBA TNT

"The highlight of the entire night." - Charles Barkley

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Iron Man Magazine

Bringing Natural Physique to the Forefront of the Bodybuilding World– A shift in mindset came in 2018 when Douglas D. Grant and Denny Kakos bought ownership of Iron Man Magazine.

➤ Refocus of a Classic Magazine

Upcoming generations and peers look to the greats and strive to follow in their footsteps. There must be full transparency of the methods used to achieve success to really empower others to help them achieve their own.

➤ No Public Deception in Physique

Providing info to help fitness dreams become a reality in a safe and healthy way without performance enhancing drugs.

➤ Celebrating the Iron Woman

Published the first ever women-focused issue of Iron Man Magazine in the Winter 2019 Issue.

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FitFam Podcast

Join them every Thursday for new episodes as they cover the acronym FIT.N.E.SS.

FIT - Focused Intense Thought
N - Nutrition
E - Exercise
SS - Specific Supplementation

FitFam Podcast
Doug and Hilary at the INBA PNBA

Reach Peak Performance

1-On-1 With The Formulator

proven programs with the top athletes and CEOs in the world

What if you could predictably replicate your highest level of performance... EVERY DAY?

Doug, The Formulator, & Hilary, the 3x Natural Olympia Champ, have decades of experience to help you reach optimal health by helping you with your goal setting and F.I.T.N.E.S.S. Their top program provide customize nutrition plans, exercise routines, and supplements based on objective tests they have proven with the top athletes and CEO's in the world.

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Helping The Great to Feel Their Greatest

  • Brimhall Homecoming 2020 Doug teaching.
  • Doug and Hilary Grant in front of a USA flag
  • Doug and Natural Bodybuilder Jon Tusi.
  • Doug Grant and David Meltzer
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