Organic whole food vitamins, minerals, and herbs that promote optimal mitochondrial function.

Primary Uses

  • Improve mitochondrial health
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve overall health
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    Nutritional Support for Improving Mitochondrial Function

    Boost energy at the cellular level

    How It Works

    Supplies the nutrients needed for mitochondria to produce abundant energy.


    Take 1 capsule 2 times daily.



    Key Ingredients & Their Roles

    PQQ - Promote growth of new mitochondria
    B Vitamins - Aid in energy production
    Selenium - Preserve mitochondrial function

    Mitochondria are vital cellular organelles that generate and maintain proper energy levels in complex organisms. This energy is tied to fat burn and maintaining a healthy weight. So, if you are one of the many who just plain can’t seem to shed a single pound no matter what you do, let’s take a look at your mitochondrial integrity.

    Researchers are now exploring the notion that some clues to obesity may be found at the cellular level, specifically in the organelle mitochondria.

    How Mitochondria Influence Your Weight:

    • Appetite regulation
    • Promote feelings of fullness
    • Energy consumption

    “Yale research team studied mitochondria in different populations of brain cells known to be involved in the regulation of appetite. The team found that during the transition from a fasting to an over-fed state, mitochondria in neurons that promote hunger show dynamic changes that are the opposite of those found in neurons that control feelings of fullness,” reported Karen N. Peart of Yale University.

    “We’ve found that mitochondrion need to have ongoing dynamic plasticity in order to support neurons, which are necessary for appetite and for the maintenance of life,” said lead author Tamas Horvath, the Jean and David W. Wallace Professor of Biomedical Research and chair of comparative medicine at Yale School of Medicine.

    It was reported in the Juvenon Health Journal that, “A growing body of research is demonstrating that altered mitochondrial energy production, particularly in skeletal muscles, is a major anomaly capable of setting off a chain of metabolic events leading to obesity.”

    The signs are basically nonexistent when you’re young, which is why teenagers are generally enviously skinny. However, all good things come to an end. Aging takes its toll on your body, including mitochondria. These worn out organelles get picky about energy sources, meaning you pack on the pounds, unless you do something to revitalize your mitochondria.

    Why Obese People Struggle to Lose Weight:

    • They have fewer mitochondria
    • They have smaller mitochondria
    • Their mitochondria have structural problems or have even have degenerated completely
    • Their mitochondria have reduced oxidative activity

    These signs are currently known as mitochondrial dysfunction. Pile that on top of a sedentary lifestyle and excess calories, especially carbohydrates, and your mitochondria are either growing lazy or calling it quits.

    While the essence of weight loss and management is quality calories in, calories out, the math won’t add up if your mitochondria aren’t doing their job. All your food intended for energy burn is getting stored as fat. And just to make things worse, unhealthy mitochondria, while they are trying to make energy for you, actually release free radicals that cause inflammation.

    When diet and exercise alone aren’t the solution, it’s time to reach for nutrients that get mitochondria going again.

    Why Opti-Mito-Force is the Best for Your Mitochondria
    The primary molecule in the body that stimulates growth of mitochondria and is activated by exercise is now believed to be PGC-1alpha, also called “The Exercise Molecule.”

    The latest advances in mitochondrial bioenergetics is coenzyme PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). It supports how well mitochondria function and this formula contains the most potent form.

    The antioxidant capacity of pine bark, grape seed and skin, and more, provides extraordinary defense against damage from oxidants and stimulates the growth of fresh mitochondria. This formula also contains superoxide dismutase building blocks, which help your body create more powerful antioxidants on its own.

    This formula contains an array of vitamins and minerals other formulas don’t, giving you not only a far better price for a superior product, but also the scientifically proven tools your body needs to help your mitochondria bounce back faster. Yes, the key nutrient is PQQ, but including ALA, B vitamins and trace minerals creates a banquet of nutrients your cells absorb and utilize quickly.

    Opti-Mito-Force contains proven nutrients that can revive your mitochondria, which may the exact push your body needs to properly burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. It can accomplish this by helping your mitochondria be strong and do their job effectively, which means a slim, healthy waistline for you.

    The latest advance in the area of mitochondrial bio-energetics is the co-enzyme PQQ. PQQ’s critical role across a range of biological functions has gradually emerged. Like CoQ10, it is a micro-nutrient whose antioxidant capacity provides extraordinary defense against mitochondrial decay. The most exciting revelation on PQQ emerged early in 2010 when researchers found it not only protected mitochondria from oxidative damage – it stimulated the growth of fresh mitochondria.

    The form of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone found in Opti-Mito-Force™ is called Opti-PQQ and is a special methylated form blended with the OHS Cultured Media™.

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