Optimal Calm

  • Gently and naturally supports deep, restful sleep
  • Calms the mind and body
  • Good for ADHD, high anxiety, and can help with metabolism
  • Helps with weight control

**Formerly known as Optimal REM Sleep

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    OHS Content

    Naturally Support a Calm Mind and Body

    Calming Power

    Supplies the body with herbs and nutrients proven to have a calming effect.

    Longer REM Cycles

    Promotes calm and sleep, relaxation, and encourages a longer, better quality REM stage.

    Optimal Calm

    Wellness Boost

    Helps prevent anxiety, memory loss, fat gain, mood swings, high blood pressure, and more because of the better sleep quality.

    Clear Your Mind

    Allows the brain to remove toxins that get built up in the waking hours allowing it to function normally the next day.

    Key Ingredients

    What's Inside?

    Passion Flower
    Helps calm the mind and soothe the stomach, relieves anxiety and insomnia, lowers brain activity to allow your body to relax
    Passion Flower
    Lemon Bioflavonoid
    Bioflavonoids are antioxidants and lemons are full of them. These antioxidants improve blood flow and ease swelling, improving adrenal function.
    Lemon Bioflavonoid
    Hops Extract
    Great for calming anxiety, helps your body sleep better, stops restlessness, tension, and nervousness
    Hops Extract


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    Optimal REM Sleep - 689076768962

    There are certain bodily functions that take place ONLY during deep sleep. Sleep is so crucial that even slight sleep deprivation or poor sleep can affect memory, judgment, and mood. Research has shown that most Americans would be happier, healthier and safer if they were to sleep an extra 60 to 90 minutes per night.

    Your body repairs itself while you sleep, activities ranging from heart health to renewing and repairing brain cells. Sleep allows the brain to rest, repair, and grow new cells. Each night, the brain removes toxins that are built up during waking hours to allow the brain to function normally the next day. When those toxins are allowed to stagnate, you steady wear down and wear out.

    Still, it’s not necessarily getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night; it’s more about the quality of every minute of sleep. If you’re tossing and turning, or constantly waking up over the course of 9 hours, then sleep is hardly doing you any good. On the other hand, if you’re able to squeeze in 4-6 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep, that’s proven to be far more beneficial pillow time.

    Nutrients That Promote Better Quality Sleep

    A lack of quality sleep causes anxiety, memory loss, fat gain, mood swings, high blood pressure, and a decrease in work and physical performance. Years of documented research show that, in order to get all the health benefits sleep offers, you need to spend as much of your resting hours in REM sleep as possible.

    L-Tryptophan - L-tryptophan is an amino acid found in most proteins. It is the most research-proven and accepted nutrient to help calm the body. Extracted from valerian root, this herb has been used since ancient times to promote tranquility and improve sleep. Valerian root contains a number of compounds that may promote sleep, including (GABA), a chemical messenger that helps regulate nerve impulses in your brain and nervous system, and antioxidants shown to inhibit excessive activity in the amygdala.

    Research suggests that taking valerian root may reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, as well as improve sleep quality and quantity. In a controlled study of 27 young and middle-aged adults with sleep difficulties, 24 people reported improved sleep and 12 of those reported "perfect sleep" after taking valerian root.

    Valerian also contains tryptophan, which is used by the brain to balance serotonin levels that keep the body calm and to help maintain its ability to handle stress and anxiety. Tryptophan, as with all amino acids, is not absorbed well unless other protein cofactors are present. Gathering it from a natural source, like valerian, allows you to reap the calming effects of this herb.

    Chamomile Flower - A perennial herb that research shows promotes a relaxed and calming state of mind which helps the body fall asleep faster. Its calming effects may be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in your brain that may decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.

    A study involving people with chronic insomnia found that those who received 270 mg of chamomile extract twice daily for 28 days fell asleep about 15 minutes faster than participants who did not receive the extract. Those who received the extract woke up fewer times in the middle of the night, compared to the placebo group.

    Lemon Balm - Used in herbal teas and formulations for centuries; its research shows it has a calming and natural sleep-promoting effect. Evidence shows that lemon balm increases GABA levels. Many studies show that lemon balm--combined with other calming herbs--helps reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

    Hops Extract - A breakthrough study from a prestigious German university tested a specific Valerian/hops blend. The study showed that participants stayed in REM sleep longer when using this blend than those who did not. It has great scientific research validating its ability to promote better sleep.

    Scientific studies show that the restorative power of Optimal Calm’s ingredients are vital for optimal health. The good news is that 85% of all sleep problems can be fixed by lifestyle changes. Research shows that, if you get consistent, quality sleep at night, you can dramatically lose unwanted body fat, elevate your metabolism, improve your immunity, slow the aging process, and reduce the risk of all major diseases.

    This powerful combination of nutrients sets the Optimal Calm formula apart from all other supplements on the market. This blend binds to the pure REM sleep-promoting nutrients to guarantee the highest potency delivered to the cell level with consistent health-promoting results.Get deep, restorative sleep with whole food ingredients that gently and naturally improve your sleep. The nutrients may also be used to help with ADD and anxiety because of their calming effect. Nutrients are delivered at the cellular level so every last ingredient is optimally used.

    Three factors play into reaching the REM sleep stage:

    1. Calming the mind and body enough by supplying the nutrients it needs to combat stress, anxiety, and taut emotions.
    2. Ensuring your body has the whole food nutrients that keep you in REM sleep.
    3. Getting those nutrients delivered at the cellular level.

    Getting enough REM sleep is the easiest way to lose weight, raise your metabolism, improve immunity, and slow the aging process.

    Optimal Calm makes sure every nutrient is in a whole food state by culturing the formula in a fermentation process. This way, the body doesn't have to convert nutrient fractions to usable whole nutrients on its own. It is not addictive or habit-forming.

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