Nutrients Rx Bloodwork & Questionnaire

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    Nutrients Rx | Custom Nutrition Program

    Lab Testing.
    Customized Nutrients.
    Life-Changing Results.

    Live your healthiest, happiest life with clinically proven nutrients from our custom testing program.

    "Best thing I've ever done. Reduced my risk of heart problems in half!" - M. Lines

    Make a change today

    "I wish I would have found the Nutrients Rx program years ago...

    Getting the exact nutrients I need based off bloodwork and then objectively seeing and feeling the improvements has changed my life.”
    - G. Innes

    Make a change today

    "I did this program and the blood report actually made sense for a change because of its layout...

    I made some simple changes and took the custom nutrients. I was told it saved my life because my cholesterol and heart concerns risk factors dropped in half. I saw and felt the difference. I recommend the Nutrient Rx program for everyone.”
    - M. Lines


    "As a professional Natural Figure Competitor, it's super important for me to know exactly what my body needs nutritionally. Nutrients Rx made it easy to gain that competitive edge by delivering a simple way to take the exact supplements I need so that I can focus on everything else."
    Hilary Grant
    Pro Figure competitor
    2020 Natural Ms. Olympia Figure Masters Champion

    The journey to a healthier life starts right now


    Receive a comprehensive lab work analysis

    Test over 200 biomarkers and answer a questionnaire to help determine your exact nutrient needs.

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    Add the nutrients your body is missing

    Everyone has at least one nutrient deficiency, all of which can be easily remedied with whole food supplements.

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    Take a custom nutrient complex made just for you

    Everyone is different, so everyone receives nutrients specifically for their lifestyle and body type. This produces the best possible results.

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    Track progress with updates every 6 months

    You'll have the option to take a fresh round of testing every 6 months, providing an accurate measurement of your overall health and wellness, so we can adjust your Custom Health Pak nutrients as needed.

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    Customized Nutrient Pak Program

    Do lab tests, get the nutrients your body needs, and we keep track and make changes to your nutrient regimen as your life progresses.

    nutrients rx program
    $650 USD to $375 USD

    Blood & Lab Work, Questionnaire & Health Pak

    The Nutrients Rx all-in-one bundle has everything you need to customize your nutrients, including: 

    • Over 200 biomarkers tested through blood and lab work
    • All of your major concerns and goals taken into consideration
    • Your results and needs reported in an easy-to-understand format
    • Free consultation with a licensed physician if results are of high concern
    • Your first month’s supply of whole food supplements shipped automatically

    ...ALL for only $375. 

    How it Works: 

    Once your biomarker blood and lab work results are ready, your report will...


    Your Custom Health Pak

    All the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and herbs) your body needs in a customized package for $120 per month (approximately a $210 value) shipped directly to you.

    After we receive your lab work/questionnaire, we create your Custom Health Pak. Your nutrients are put together in a simple and convenient ongoing package containing 60 packets, each with 7 products in them.

    A phenomenal nutrient package for a phenomenal price.


    Everything You Need to Know About Nutrients Rx

    What Will You Receive?

    In your initial Nutrients Rx purchase...

    • Extensive Nutrient Blood & Lab Panel
    • 60 Individual Pre-Made Nutrient Paks
    • Doctor Review & Protocol
    • BONUS:
    • Nutrition 101 Book
    • Exercise Program Booklet
    • $650 value
    • $210 value
    • $100 value
    • nothing here
    • $29 value
    • $29 value

    Total Value: $1,018

    Nutrients Rx Price: $375

    In your monthly Custom Pak autoship...

    • 60 Individual Customized Nutrient Paks
      (The Equivalent of Receiving 7 Bottles of Our Whole Food Supplements)
    • BONUS:
    • Discounted bloodwork every 6 months
    • $210 value
    • $29

    • $100 value

    Total Value: $310

    Nutrients Rx Price: $120

    Questionnaire & Health Pak

    Don't want to get lab work done? You can still get the nutrients your body needs, and we keep track and make changes to your nutrient regimen as your life progresses.

    Questionnaire ONLY program
    $145 USD

    Questionnaire & Health Pak

    Are you interested in knowing your body's specific needs but don't have access to a bloodwork lab?

    **If you're not sure if there's a lab near you, CHECK HERE. We have over 6,000 labs around the nation.  

    You can still benefit from customized whole food nutrients based on your health concerns and goals by filling out our comprehensive questionnaire. We will use the information you provide to determine the best supplements for your needs to help you reach optimal health for only $145.

    Each following month, for only $95, you will automatically receive your own customized Health Pak containing 60 packets with...



    Who can benefit from customized nutrition?

    Everyone, no exceptions. We live in a nutrient-deficient society. Thankfully, the solution is simple and affordable.

    Studies show that 9 out of 10 people have at least one nutrient deficiency. With 85 million possible combinations, we can guarantee providing the exact nutrient complex you need.

    Nutrients Rx Bloodwork & Questionnaire
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