Exposure Protection Pak

Now that there has been enough time to do research on COVID-19, we know what nutrients are recommended and can help support the body. Scientists and doctors from both sides of the pharmaceutical playing field agree that certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods help protect and nutritionally support the body.

The Exposure Protection Pak delivers a pure, potent, predigested blend of vitamin D, probiotics, zinc, nitrates, natural antimicrobials, and more, giving your body the nutritional support research shows can help nutritionally assist the body.

Suggested Nutritional Support Uses:

  • Immune support specifically for current pandemic
  • Immune system boost
  • Help nutritionally support recovery from virus attacks
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    Exposure Protection Pak -46
    How It Works
    Delivers a large dose of nutrients proven to successfully fight pathogens and boost immune function.
    Therapeutic: Take 1 packet three times daily with meals for 10 days.
    Protection: Take 1 packet per day.
    Key Ingredients & Their Roles
    Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral - Supply and replenish 24 essential whole food vitamins and patented organic minerals
    Creatine Nitrate - Stop corona virus from replicating based on virology study
    High Potency Vitamin D3- Vitamin D for protection and recovery benefit
    Herbs  - Nutrient blend--including colostrum, echinacea, beta glucan, and DDS-1 lactobacillus acidophilus--for immune support and function
    Probiotic Blend - Repopulate gut with 20 billon CFU of healthy, pathogen-fighting bacteria
    Essential Zinc - Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
    We’ve been closely monitoring the mountain of research on the pandemic ever since this whole mess started, compiling facts and figures, waiting for adequate information before we pulled the trigger on anything. After nearly a year, research has finally unearthed definitive evidence. We finally know which nutrients make the biggest difference when it comes to fighting the deadliest pathogens.

    Every last researched and proven nutrient is present in our Exposure Protection Pak, providing you and your body exactly what it needs to fight pathogens, protect your immune system, and keep it strong. We’ve combined four products with 20 billion CFU of a patented, stabilized probiotic blend into one convenient packet you can take anywhere, anytime.

    Five Great Formulas in One Powerful Supplement
    Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral - You always want to cover the basics when it comes to optimal health. This means making absolutely sure you’ve got a complete supply of all your essential vitamins and minerals every day. And when you’re sick, your body burns through extra nutrients.

    Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral supplies 24 essential whole food vitamins and patented organic minerals to nutritionally support hundreds of bodily functions, including healing and immune function.

    Crea-Nitric 100 - One of the neat bits of evidence to come out of the pandemic research is on nitric oxide (NO) and its ability to inhibit viruses from replicating themselves. The positive antimicrobial evidence surrounding NO has been gathered since 2002 and the SARS days. NO shows having the same inhibitory effect on COVID-19, too.

    Crea-Nitric 100 delivers the purest form of creatine nitrate for a powerful, pure, and non-stimulant. The creatine nitrate in Crea-Nitric 100 is a specialized nutrient that contains both creatine and nitrates from food that are research proven to help your body in the fight against viruses.

    High Potency Vitamin D3 - One of the best nutrients you can provide your body during times of illness (and preferably every day) is vitamin D. Hundreds of studies back its efficacy when it comes to overall and immune health. Vitamin D impacts the adaptive immune system by direct effects on T cell activation and on the phenotype and function of antigen-presenting cells.

    Essential Zinc - Zinc is  an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. Essential Zinc provides a pure, safe dose of zinc bisglycinate chelate, a nutrient shown to help keep the immune system strong.

    Essential Protect - Provides a synergistic ability to inhibit inflammatory and oxidative pathways with none of the side effects associated with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Reduces inflammation while bolstering eye tissue nutrients is a powerful natural approach and is why this formula also contains the research-proven phytonutrients for the eyes, zeaxanthin and lutein. This formula is used commonly for two purposes: 1) Provide an array of highly potent phytonutrients given in therapeutic dosages to support the protection, and 2) Healing tissue ravaged by disease.

    Probiotic Blend - 80% of immune function happens in the gut. Our patented, stabilized probiotic blend delivers 20 billion CFU of friendly flora to repopulate your gut. This guarantees any bad bacteria that made it past your stomach are seriously outnumbered. With the microbial battle in the good guys’ favor, your army of friendly flora can wipe out what’s making you sick.

    When you’ve got a healthy gut, you’ll have a strong intestinal barrier to protect against germs, more antiviral activity by friendly bacteria stimulating the immune system, and an environment bad bacteria, viruses and fungi can’t survive in.
    Exposure Protection Pak
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