Opti-Metals Detox

Toxins come in the form of biological, zoological, and chemical substances. They're everywhere. The ingredients in this formula help strengthen your defense mechanisms.

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    Nutritional Support for Safely and Effectively Removing Heavy Metal Toxins

    How It Works

    Supplies nutrients proven to improve toxin drainage through your liver, kidneys, blood, lung, lymph, skin and digestive tract.


    Take 1 full dropper daily, or as directed by a health professional.



    Key Ingredients & Their Roles

    Xenobiotics - Help body identify and remove toxins

    A xenobiotic is a man-made material that is foreign to the body. Xenobiotic remedies, which are sometimes called isodes, detoxodes or homochords, are homeopathic reductions of foreign botanical, zoological, or chemical substances. Optimal Health Systems’ xenobiotics are designed to assist with detoxification. Each xenobiotic provides an array of isodes and other attenuated agents, along with classical and non-classical remedies. Potencies of individual agents range from (12X) to (30X) to (60X) as appropriate for the desired action of the formula.Detoxification
    Detoxification is a process that begins with understanding the body’s equilibrium mechanisms and assisting or strengthening them in very specific ways. As a patient progresses through the process, as described below:

    1. Identify and remove the toxins and/or the obstacles to healing.

    2. Gathering patient history, conducting various tests, and addressing emotional factors may all be valuable in preparing for detoxification.

    3. Improve how your body removes toxins so you can provide increased energy for repair. Exercise and stimulation of the autonomic nervous system may be helpful.

    4. Balance and strengthen the patient’s system so it can tolerate the stress of detoxification. Detoxifying causes stress on the body and may result in temporary worsening of symptoms. Consider pairing with Opti-Adrenal.

    5. Improve drainage to assist with toxin excretion via the kidneys, liver, blood, lungs, lymph, skin, and digestive tract. Spinal adjustments, fascial release, foot baths, far infrared saunas and visceral manipulation may be beneficial.

    6. Draw out toxins by supporting and mobilizing the immune system. OHS Formulas’ xenobiotics serve this function by providing a blueprint for the body and thereby assisting with recognizing foreign substances.

    7. After detoxification, re-strengthen the patient’s systems by supplementing specific nutrition as your testing indicates.

    8. Restore, stimulate, and regenerate previously stressed organs or systems.

    The ingredients in this formula have been proven to improve energy and repair at the cellular level, improve toxin drainage through your liver, kidneys, blood, lung, lymph, skin and digestive tract. They also support and mobilize your immune system while restoring stressed organs and systems.

    Opti-Metals Detox
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