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Optimal Health Systems is the “Original” powerfully potent whole food company and its formulator has been creating industry firsts since the late 80's. OHS’s formulas are probably the most copied (incorrectly) products in the marketplace. OHS is unique because we provide the research to support the nutrients in our formulas. Because most so-called nutritional companies have been bought out by pharmaceutical conglomerates, we make it possible for you to actually talk with our formulator ensuring your are dealing with the originals and not a cheap imitation.

OHS does all of its own research, constantly scouring the research journals for the latest information on whole foods and their interactions with the human body. OHS’s formulation team was the first to bring many product combinations to the market. This is one surefire way to tell whose products are the real deal and whose are just weak imitations.

PATENTED NUTRIENTS & PRODUCTS -OHS uses over 20 different patented nutrients in its formulas. In addition, the OHS formulator also received a one-of-a-kind patent proving that our Muscle Rx nutrient blend was able to produce results as good--if not better--than steroids. Click here to read more about the patent and OHS’s amazing formula.

NOTE: You only need to look at other companies' imitation products to see the truth. A great example are those that try to duplicate our Muscle Rx formula. They won’t have the patent number 5,888,553 on the label because they risk getting in trouble. Also, you can google that patent number and you will see that the only living member of the formulation team for that patented blend is OHS’s own formulator.

ORIGINAL FORMULAS – OHS has been and continues to be the company to come out with industry firsts. When you stick with OHS, you are guaranteed to have formulas that are the first of their kind in the marketplace. You are also ensured that all OHS formulas have original research and dosages that are based off of the actual university studies and not someone's guess .

Industry Firsts for OHS

· The first formulators to ever combine all nutrients needed to ensure complete digestion, absorption and assimilation of foods (all plant enzymes, probiotics and minerals) “1990.”

· The first to come out with a WHOLE FOOD multivitamin with University researched nutrients proving to increase the body’s own antioxidant "Super Oxide Dismutase."

· The original formulators of a potent proteolytic enzyme blend proven in a University study to reduce inflammation and improve healing time faster than over the counter drugs without the side effects (Acute formula). Download our FREE product catalogue to see study graphs (Click to view / download here)

· Creators of the first PROBIOTIC formula designed to colonize all the different sections of the large and small intestine ensuring complete protection and immune building (co-created with worlds most published and leading authority Dr. Khem Shahani).

· Original formula creators of Muscle Rx and the patent showing the formula sustains and builds muscle as well as the steroid Testosterone. Download our FREE special health report entitled "Muscle Up" to read the patent and studies on this amazing formula. (Click to download here)

· First company to come out with an Antioxidant formula with 20,000 Antioxidant units guaranteeing all 5 free radicals that cause aging, inflammation and disease are neutralized. The formula has 9 GOVERNMENT APPROVED STRUCTURE FUNCTION CLAIMS: Download our FREE special health report entitled "Phytonutrients" to see each approved claim and the great new human clinical research on this formula. (Click to download here)

CREATORS OF CELLULAR DELIVERY SYSTEM - The OHS formulator worked with the world's leading authority in plant enzyme digestion and organic mineral absorption created a delivery system in 1990. This proprietary blend proved through blood work studies that it completely digested and delivered all the nutrients in supplement formulas to the cellular level. This was a huge breakthrough for the industry because it created the ability for natural whole food formulas to quickly get into the system, allowing for results that normally took months to achieve naturally. The research was based on in-lab and university testing done by the late Dr. Harvey Ashmead and our formulator Douglas D. in the early 90’s.

Since that time, the “Opti-Blend™” cellular delivery system has been used in every formula created by OHS. Copycat attempts have been made by dozens upon dozens of companies. They all claim cellular delivery and even have catchy phrases to hype their claims. The problem is that it takes a very specific blend of patented organic minerals and proteolytic plant enzymes to guarantee the molecular composition needed (lock-and-key) to break down the herbs and foods used in formulas into cellular energy. BE AWARE OF ANY DELIVERY SYSTEM THAT DOESN’T SAY “OPTI-BLEND™.”

Ask about the research a company has on the actual digestion and assimilation of foods and nutrients. If they don’t have any, you know it is a weak imitation of “Opti-Blend™.”

CLAIMS OF NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANTS TO PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES- Be aware of companies and people making claims that THEY were or are the nutritional consultants to various teams. OHS’s formulator, Douglas D., has been the OFFICIAL Nutritionist and/or nutritional consultant to many professional athletic teams, players, Olympic athletes, and collegiate competitors for over two decades. Douglas has had many “employees” that have worked for him and then went on to start their own companies by copying labels and making similar claims in order to compete.

The easiest way to determine if a company’s claims of being nutritional consultants to professional athletes is true or not is to ask the company for names of people from those teams that can verify the claim. What you will get is companies that can’t back up their claims, or they will try and steer you away from the main teams claimed on their websites. Right now in the industry, there is a lot of focus on NBA teams because of the elite conditioning and nutritional expertise needed to support those athletes.

Read what one of the most respected professional strength and conditioning coaches from the NBA has to say about OHS, its formulator, and the posers in the industry:

“My name is Robin Pound. I have a Master’s degree in exercise science and have been a professional strength coach employed by individual teams like the Phoenix Suns or individual professional athletes for over 25 years. I am a research fanatic and demand detailed proof when it comes to formulations for my athletes. I have worked with OHS and its formulator for decades. They have always backed up their claims with solid University research and independent analysis. I am familiar with other companies' claims that they have worked with teams and athletes I was the strength coach for, or know the strength coaches on a personal level. I can assure you that if another company selling digestive enzymes, probiotics or whole foods claim they have worked with NBA teams like the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs, they are either licensed formulas by OHS or, in most cases, just copycat companies and formulas that have never been used by those athletes. Some are trying to claim they are the nutritional consultants when, in truth, they were nothing more than supplement deliverers and employees by OHS or the OHS formulator. Don’t let words and hype fool you. I don’t let my athletes settle for copycat supplements that might not work when the originals from OHS are available and deliver professional results.”

Robin Pound M.S., C.S.C.S


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