Natural whole food vitamins and nutrients that supplement health at a cellular level.


Best Selling Whole Food Vitamins and Natural Supplements

Exposure Protection Pack

Nutritional support to help protect yourself and recover from COVID-19. Includes Zinc, Nitrates, Probiotics, Vitamin D and more!

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Optimal 1 Digestion

Digestion Help

Our top seller for over 20 years, Optimal 1 Digestion is the number one formula that breaks down all foods, helping eliminate gas, bloat, acid reflux and more.

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Optimal Fruit & Veggie Plus

The most potent antioxidant and phytonutrient powder with human clinical studies and 9 government approved claims to neutralize all 5 free radicals.

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Exposure Protection Pak

Get the exact nutrients your body needs to fight infection.

We have enough research at this point to know what nutrients will help our bodies defend against the current infection threats. All of those nutrients are included in this comprehensive formula.

Viral Defenses

Get the special nutrient ammunition your body needs to fight viral infections.

Made From Whole Food Nutrients

Predigested for Maximum Uptake

Our predigestion process ensures nutrients are delivered and make an immediate impact.

Full Health Support

Also contains the vitamins & nutrients you need to promote general wellness and be at your best.


Made from Whole Food Nutrients

Supplements derived from whole foods that improve cellular health, not synthetic chemicals that deplete it.

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The Original Whole Food Formula Company

Patented Products - Patented Nutrients - Original Formulas

Our vitamins and supplements are always derived from whole foods, chelated (organic) minerals, pure plant enzymes and stabilized probiotics—not synthetic chemicals. And, we are the only formulator with the Opti-Blend™ cellular delivery system which ensures actual digestion and assimilation of foods and nutrients.

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