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Optimal 1 Digest-A-Meal

Optimal 1 Digest-A-Meal

  • Helps break down all nutrients
  • Contains crucial digestive plant enzymes
  • Helps eliminate gas, bloat, acid reflux and more
  • Aids the gut in nutrient absorption and metabolism
Recommended Dose: Take 1-2 capsules with each meal/snack
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45 servings per container
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Our Top Selling Digestive Aid for Over 20 Years

Promote Complete Digestion

Our formula supplies pure plant enzymes, friendly bacteria, and balanced organic minerals to give you exactly what you need for complete digestion, absorption, and metabolism.

Increase Energy Levels

Improved digestion directly increases energy levels and protects the body from premature aging, fatigue, and countless other concerns associated with improper digestion.

Reduce Acid Reflux & Gas

The symptoms of lactose intolerance, acid reflux, and gas build up can all be reduced as your body starts to digest food more effectively and efficiently.

Relieve Indigestion & Bloating

Put an end to the hours of bloated indigestion you used to experience as your body struggled to digest today’s industrialized foods.

Dairy Free
Dairy Free No dairy ingredients are in this product. NOTE: Many products in the OHS line contain probiotics and enzymes that help break down dairy helping the body utilize it when consumed.
Gluten Free
Gluten Free This product is free of Gluten which has been shown to cause an allergic reaction with certain individuals. NOTE: Many people take the Optimal Digestion formula to help with gluten digestion through our special enzyme that helps digest it.
GMP Certified GMP certified means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards. All of the products from OHS are blended, encapsulated and/or tableted in a GMP facility. OHS also is a FDA registered facility including packaging and shipping.
Non-GMO Non-GMO means a product was produced without genetic engineering and it's ingredients are not derived from GMOs.
Opti-Blend This blend of high potency enzymes and other nutrients are used to pre-digest the formulas making them more bioavailable and absorbed at the cellular level. Opti-Blend revolutionizes supplements because it allows the vitamins and minerals to be utilized at a much higher rate.
Vegetarian-Friendly This means that a product is made or manufactured without the use of animal products.
Whole Food
Whole Food Cultured Media Using nature's fermentation process with organic yeast, pure plant enzymes, stabilized probiotics, and a variety of whole foods, we can now deliver higher potencies of whole food vitamins and minerals.

What's Inside?

Plant-Based Enzyme Blend
All the enzymes your body needs to turn food into useable fuel, like Protease to break proteins down into peptides. We include many enzymes you won’t find in other products, like Dipeptidal dipeptidase which helps digest gluten, Lactase for dairy, and Peptidase which converts protein peptides into amino acids.
Patented Probiotics
Stabilized (proven to survive the harsh stomach environment) friendly bacteria to help the nutrients be assimilated past the gut wall and into the bloodstream. Probiotics create many energy and positive mindset chemicals in the body, but they must be delivered to the gut and colonized. Only patented and heat stabilized probiotics can guarantee this process.
Aloe Vera Leaf
A main source of the organic minerals and electrolytes required to activate enzymes and power the uptake of nutrients into your cells. Also provides antioxidant and antibacterial properties, accelerates healing, reduces constipation, lowers blood sugar levels, and improves digestive health.
Supplement Fact Label Optimal 1 Digest-A-Meal

Product Deep Dive

See the Power of Optimal 1 Digest-A-Meal in Action:

Digesting Food Isn't the Same Anymore

It took 20 years to finally have to make a change to this formula because it was so far ahead of the game. Come 2019, Digestion needed to adjust in response to modern day growing techniques and all the processing that goes into food before it hits grocery stores.

Plants have responded to all these changes by tightening and thickening their molecular bonds. This means food is harder to break down. The number one reason people visit hospitals is for digestive disorders and pain. One in three people have a digestive disorder they deal with on a daily basis. Most times, digestive issues don’t need to go so far as a hospital visit. You can fix it by eating healthier and properly digesting food.

When you cook food at 118ºF or above, it destroys digestive enzymes. And when you lose those enzymes, it becomes solely your body’s job to figure out how to break down cooked and/or processed food. A lack of enzymes causes the pain, indigestions, bloating, gas, allergies, and so on you experience as your body struggles to break down food for nutrients. Chronically suffering from digestive disorders leads to disease.

Dipeptidal dipeptidase has been added to help break down those tighter, thicker gluten bonds. A special form of pH balanced lactase has been added for lactose in dairy.

Understanding What Your Body Does with Food

Your body doesn’t run on proteins, carbs and fats. It runs on glucose, amino acids, fatty acids and so on. The latter is what your body breaks proteins, carbs and fats down into for use. If you don’t digest proteins and break them down into amino acids, then you’re looking at developing arthritis. If your body struggles to digest red meat, pork and shellfish, then you develop gout. If you don’t digest carbs and break them down into glucose and so on, then you develop diabetes. If you don’t digest fats and break them down into fatty acids, you’ll eventually develop heart disease. Indigestion is the non-digestion of foods. Indigestive symptoms are your warning signs.

Disease happens when digestion doesn’t. Undigested foods don’t fuel your system. Instead, your body expends excess energy trying to squeeze nutrients out of undigested food. Digestion is your body’s top-priority function. This puts a strain on your system, thus the end result being disease.

Nutrients have to be delivered at the cellular level, the level at which your body operates. That’s why a mini dose of Digestion is included in every other powder-based product.

Digestive Enzymes Keep You Healthy and Well Fed

You need a complete blend of pure plant enzymes, organic minerals and stabilized probiotics to ensure digestion. So yes, you can supplement with Optimal 1 Digestion to improve the efficacy of other products, including synthetic medications. You’ll get better absorption, too.

Digestive enzymes provide the missing tools your body needs to properly digest foods and absorb nutrients for energy and vitality. Antacids and acid blockers attack stomach acid production. The latter products say, “Ease symptoms” somewhere on the label. Nowhere does it say, “Ease the cause.”

On top of that, they come with health risks when used long term, including infection, bone fractures and dementia. And since you’re stopping your body from trying to digest what you’ve eaten, you also inhibit nutrient absorption, promote bacterial overgrowth, reduce resistance to infection and increase the risk of cancer and other serious diseases. Your gut is your second immune system, and that include stomach acid.

The Complete Digestion Process

  1. Digestion (this actually takes place in your gut, and minimally in your stomach)
  2. Assimilation (Once enzymes break food into manageable pieces—nutrients—probiotics grab ahold of nutrient molecules and help them pass through the gut wall and into your blood stream)
  3. Utilization (Organic minerals take over for probiotics and metabolize them at the cellular level


Improvements to the Formula in 2019 (The First Time in 20 Years):

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Optimal 1 Digest-A-Meal help with an upset stomach?

Yes. Oftentimes, we experience an upset stomach due to processed foods that we eat, from gas or a number of other causes having to deal with food not being digested and related reasons. The plant enzymes in our food will help with breaking down processed food as well as eliminating gas, harmful bacteria and more.

Does Digest-A-Meal contain probiotics, and what are probiotics?

Yes! Digest-A-Meal contains several important strains of probiotics, aka friendly bacteria. We should have up to 3 lbs of friendly bacteria in our intestines at all times. Digest-A-Meal helps in that area by providing us with friendly bacteria known as Flora. To see what types of probiotics that Digest-A-Meal contains, visit our product on the web./nIt states that Digest-A-Meal contains probiotics? Does that mean it has to be refrigerated? A=No, it does not have to be refrigerated. Our patented probiotics in Digest-A-Meal are heat resistant. Which means they can withstand hot temperatures from the environment, as well as the heat of our stomach which makes it a great product!

Why do I need Digest-A-Meal if my body already naturally produces enzymes to break down food?

Our body does produce its own digestive enzymes, however studies have shown that because of the types of foods that we eat, our body is not able to digest everything and we need help from plant enzymes. When we use our body only to digest foods, we become deficient in nutrients in order to digest that food.

Do I replace antacids and acid blockers with Digest-A-Meal ?

Yes! Antacids and acid blockers are made using chemicals and synthetic substances which are not good for our body. In fact it may cause more damage and harm by taking them. Only by using plant based enzymes, can we have a natural way of assisting acid problems.

Why is your product called Optimal 1 Digest-A-Meal? What does 1 stand for?

Great question! 1 stands for a couple reasons. It's our number one top seller for starters! Also, Digest-A-Meal takes priority over all other processes in the body. We can not survive if our body can not digest food. We are also nutrient deficient if our body can not digest processed and cooked food. So Digest-A-Meal is and should be everyone's number 1 go to source for proper digestion using plant enzymes and stabilized probiotics.

I've read that your Digest-A-Meal contains predigested enzymes. What does predigested mean?

Predigested is a term used to describe nutrients that have or are already broken down into components that are easier for our body to digest and absorb. Without predigested enzymes, our body will have to work hard to break down the nutrients in our formula, thus defeating the purpose. So predigested enzymes are beneficial for us and our body. The nutrients are ready to be absorbed and utilized in the bloodstream.

Is it safe for kids and babies?

Yes! You can open capsules and add it to the child's food or drink if the child cannot swallow the capsule. Some mother's have put Digest-A-Meal into their infants formula to help with bloating and gas.

Can I take it if I am pregnant?

Yes! It's also perfectly okay to take if you are breastfeeding!

Can I open a capsule and pour it on my food?


Can I overdose?

No. Unused enzymes are stored and your body will use them eventually. Your body loves enzymes!

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