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Optimal Half-Day Organ Cleanse Kit (with instructions)

Optimal Half-Day Organ Cleanse Kit (with instructions)

  • A holistic cleanse that helps with aches/pains, obesity, halitosis, and more
  • Can lower high cholesterol
  • Rids your body of toxin build-up
  • You may experience improved energy, clearer vision, less joint pain, and more
10 servings per container
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Recommended Dose: Follow the directions in the accompanying booklet
30 Day Money Back Guarantee *
Dairy Free
Dairy Free No dairy ingredients are in this product. NOTE: Many products in the OHS line contain probiotics and enzymes that help break down dairy helping the body utilize it when consumed.
Gluten Free
Gluten Free This product is free of Gluten which has been shown to cause an allergic reaction with certain individuals. NOTE: Many people take the Optimal Digestion formula to help with gluten digestion through our special enzyme that helps digest it.
GMP Certified GMP certified means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards. All of the products from OHS are blended, encapsulated and/or tableted in a GMP facility. OHS also is a FDA registered facility including packaging and shipping.
Non-GMO Non-GMO means a product was produced without genetic engineering and it's ingredients are not derived from GMOs.
Opti-Blend This blend of high potency enzymes and other nutrients are used to pre-digest the formulas making them more bioavailable and absorbed at the cellular level. Opti-Blend revolutionizes supplements because it allows the vitamins and minerals to be utilized at a much higher rate.
Vegetarian-Friendly This means that a product is made or manufactured without the use of animal products.
Whole Food
Whole Food Cultured Media Using nature's fermentation process with organic yeast, pure plant enzymes, stabilized probiotics, and a variety of whole foods, we can now deliver higher potencies of whole food vitamins and minerals.
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A Holistic, Life-Changing Cleanse from Head to Toe

Cleaning Combo

Uses Epsom salts, antioxidants, and nutrients to help detoxify the body.

Full Reset

Repopulates the gut with healthy bacteria, draws out toxins, and provides cleansing nutrients.

Fast Acting

Able to refresh your body with natural, whole-food ingredients in a short amount of time.

Reported Improvements

Improves memory, reduces toxins, decreases joint pain, clears vision, reduces bloating, improves cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure levels.

Key Ingredients

What's Inside?

Fruit & Veggie
Balances out all 5 free radicals through the help of phytonutrients to strengthen your overall health
Epsom Salt
Provides your body with magnesium, promotes sleep and stress reduction, helps with constipation, reduces pain and swelling
Supplies you with nutrients proven to safely remove toxins and repair the stomach lining
Liver Kidney
Provides nutrients proven to safely remove toxins while repairing your liver and kidneys
Optimal Flora Plus
Improves digestion, boosts energy, and benefits the overall immune system


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How do you guarantee potency?

We do all of the work, from research and development to production and shipping, in-house. This means we know exactly what goes into every single supplement and powder we sell.

Where is the expiration date on the product?

D.O.M. (Date of Manufacture) is the new way that the FDA has asked all supplement companies to display dates onto our products, instead of expiration dates. All of our products have a general 2-year expiration date from the D.O.M. Although after these 2 years, the product doesn't go bad or cause harm, they simply start to lose potency.‍

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Optimal Half-Day Organ Cleanse Kit (with instructions)

This kit contains detailed instructions and customized packages numbered specifically when to take them.

  • Fruit & Veggie single-serving packet
  • Epsom Salt - 1st dose (single-serving packet consisting of 1 Tbsp)
  • Epsom Salt - 2nd dose (single-serving packet consisting of 1 Tbsp)
  • 2 Opti-GI - 1st dose, capsules in packet
  • 4 capsules Liver/Kidney formula in packet
  • Epsom Salt - 3rd dose (single-serving packet consisting of 1 Tbsp)
  • 2 Opti-GI - 2nd dose, capsules in packet
  • Epsom Salt - 4th dose (single-serving packet consisting of 1 Tbsp)
  • 4 capsules of Flora Plus - 1st dose, in packet
  • 4 capsules of Flora Plus - 2nd dose, in packet
  • 4 capsules of Flora Plus - 3rd dose, in packet
  • 3 days of customized Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Nutrient Paks (9 paks)

The liver and kidneys work together to filter toxins out of the body.
These organs can only function optimally when they are kept clean and provided with certain nutrients. The body’s filtration system can be compared to a water filter. When the filter is clogged with debris (toxins) it is unable to do the work of keeping fresh and clean water flowing through the filter. When the liver and kidneys are clogged with toxins, they can’t work to protect the body from the constant onslaught of toxins.

Some of the most common reasons for toxic build-up are the use of prescription and over-the-counter pain medicines, carbonated beverages, smoking, stress, a diet high in fatty and fried foods, and simply living in areas where pollution exists.

If you are constantly tired, suffer from digestive problems, have skin irritations, recover slowly from strenuous exercise, or are aging prematurely, you may have a buildup of toxins. With this Liver-Kidney Cleanse, in just a day OHS will help you experience a holistic cleanse phenomena that will change your life for the better. Your liver is a misunderstood and often forgotten organ in the body. This seldom thought of organ performs over 600 bodily functions that keep you healthy and vibrant or, if it is toxic, can make you sick and tired.

Your liver detoxifies all pollutants and irritants that are taken in externally or created internally, filters harmful toxins and substances out of your blood every day, stores numerous essential vitamins and minerals (including: vitamins A, D, and K), helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, creates imperative chemicals and hormones--over 13,000 of them--and directs over 50,000 enzymes to their proper function.

When the liver and kidneys are not nutritionally supported and kept clean, the body begins to store toxins in the tissues-and any number of devastating symptoms can result. Toxins can produce fatigue, headaches, irritability, insomnia, depression, poor digestion, bad breath, allergies, skin problems, and over time, may even lead to chronic illnesses including cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s.Originally created for our professional athlete clientele, this half-day cleanse has become a staple for busy people. Some of the most common reasons for toxic buildup are the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, carbonated beverages, smoking, stress, a diet high in fatty or fried foods, and simply living in polluted locations.

In just half a day, you may experience a holistic cleanse that can change your life for the better. People who have used this product reported it helped with aches and pains, obesity, halitosis, gallstones, high cholesterol, and more.

You may experience improved energy, clearer skin, clearer vision, less joint pain, reduction in toxins, better memory, less bloating and even improved cholesterol and blood pressure levels just by giving us half a day to clean out your liver and start living.

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