OHS is the original whole food supplement company. It is the first to create high-potency whole food formulas that are completely absorbable at the cellular level. This has been made possible through the world's first enzyme and patented mineral delivery system named “Opti-Blend™.” Opti-Blend™ sets OHS apart and is in every formula, guaranteeing the cellular delivery of each nutrient.

OHS is time-tested and proven. Thousands--yes, thousands--of doctors and athletes have been continuously using our products for decades. Our 100% potency and satisfaction guarantee has led to the granting of patents and function claims the government has approved that others only dream about.

Check out our extensive line of researched formulas that nutritionally support your goal of achieving optimal health.

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21-Day Blitz Challenge Package
Price: $100.00
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    21-Day Blitz Challenge Package - 8Take one packet daily. ...

    Allergy Pak
    Price: $49.95
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    Item #: 84 -

      Allergy Pak - 84Optimal Acute-1 capsule When the body is fighting an allergy attack, inflammation becomes a big issue. Inflammation consists of excess proteins in the body. ...

      Daily Nutrient Essential Pak
      Price: $104.95
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      Item #: 266 -

        Daily Nutrient Essential Pak - 266We know that a few nutrient deficiencies can lead to a gaping hole in your immune system that allows bacteria and viruses in that can create disease. A simple commitment to getting your essential nutrients daily can be the answer. Don't take a chance on your health and energy. ...

        DNE Package
        Price: $159.90
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        Item #: 265 -

          DNE Package - 265Optimal Digestion is the best-selling digestion formula for over 15 years and is the only formula guaranteed to provide every plant-based food enzyme needed to digest all foods in your diet while also helping assimilate the digested foods into the bloodstream through patented acid stable probiotics and ensure their utilization on the cellular level. Take one capsule three times a day with meals. (If your meal is overly processed and cooked, consider taking more capsules with...

          Exposure Protection Pak
          Price: $49.95
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            Exposure Protection Pak -46 ...

            FITNESS Nutrition Plan
            Price: $3.00
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              Flora Blitz 100 Pak
              Price: $58.95
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                Flora Blitz 100 - 619587048000To maximize the culture in your gut, you want to include a wide range of raw, plant-based foods in your diet. Pick whole grains over white bread, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruit over candy and juices on a daily basis. ...

                Immune Support Bundle
                Price: $155.00
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                  Immune Support Bundle - immuneFruit & Veggie Plus has over 13 times the antioxidant potency that the average American consumes per day. That's 20,000 antioxidant ORAC units per serving. This potency is virtually guaranteed to reduce free radicals and inflammation, and to keep you body geared-up for an immediate immune response when needed. ...

                  Inflammation Booklet
                  Price: $5.00
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                    Joint Pak
                    Price: $49.95
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                      Joint Pak - 4You can keep them handy if you go on a hike, work extra hard on manual labor, power through a tough workout, and so on. Together, these formulas help reduce inflammation and repair tissue and disc degeneration. You can use them on a daily basis, along with take an extra packet when the need arises. The ingredients have been proven to be safer than NSAIDs and synthetic anti-inflammatories. ...

                      Muscle Cussor Massage Gun
                      Price: $225.00
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                        Muscle Cussor Massage Gun - 619587048017 ...

                        Natural Z Pak
                        Price: $49.95
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                        Item #: 8000 -

                          Natural Z Pak - 8000So, when you get sick, you have a choice between a kill-all approach, or an immune-boosting approach. Work against how your body functions, or aid the natural course of things. Both the drug and whole food herb ingredients in the natural Z-Pack are research-proven to take about the same amount of time to be effective but produce drastically different long-term results. Make sure you have a natural Z-Pak in your medicine cabinet to “naturally” be ready. ...

                          NOS Performance Pak
                          Price: $62.95
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                            NOS Performance Paks ...

                            Nutrition 101
                            Price: $7.95
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                            Item #: 619587047911 -

                              Opti Pak
                              Price: $49.95
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                              Item #: 48 -

                                Opti Pak - 48Hundreds of studies have established the importance of Vitamin D with health and longevity as it supports bone and cardiovascular health. Made from whole foods, this formula utilizes Vitamin K2 and CoQ10 so Vitamin D works properly AND calcium is pulled out of the blood stream and put back into bones. It is extremely beneficial for overall longevity and quality of life. It also contains a higher potency of Vitamin D not found in other whole food D’s. ...

                                Optimal 1 Digestion
                                Price: $30.00
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                                  Optimal 1 Digestion - 655705123013 ...

                                  Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin Mineral
                                  Price: $30.00
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                                  Item #: 655705123020 -

                                    Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin Mineral - 655705123020Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral contains absolutely NO synthetic ingredients. Our patented organic minerals are retained at the highest levels and have the lowest toxicity of any mineral in the world. ...

                                    Optimal Acute
                                    Price: $30.00
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                                      Optimal Acute - 655705123044 ...

                                      Optimal BFF
                                      Price: $37.00
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                                      Item #: 619587047874 -

                                        Optimal BFF - 619587047874Can the benefits of including antioxidant phytonutrients be overstated? No. The antioxidant blend in this formula boosts N-O levels by 99%! ...

                                        Optimal BonePlus Calcium
                                        Price: $30.00
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                                        Item #: 655705123136 -

                                          Optimal BonePlus Calcium - 655705123136Taking Tums™ or other common forms of calcium is ineffective, harmful, and doesn’t promote bone health. Optimal BonePlus™ Calcium’s ingredients not only can stop osteoporosis; it can reverse bone loss. There has been little hope, until the formulation of this supplement. ...

                                          Optimal Chronic
                                          Price: $30.00
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                                            Optimal Chronic - 655705123051 ...

                                            Optimal Collagen Plus
                                            Price: $59.95
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                                            Item #: 850019587050 -

                                              Optimal Collagen Plus - 850019587050It is important to supplement with both whey and collagen protein to achieve the best results. Optimal Collagen Plus protein contains both in predigested forms to ensure complete absorption and full utilization of the amino acids, without causing bloating, gas, or indigestion. ...

                                              Optimal Complete Nutrition Plus
                                              Price: $59.95
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                                                Optimal Complete Nutrition Plus - 689076768665This powder contains the most balanced amino acid profile ever created based on muscle needs from stress and exercise. When under stress, muscles are depleted of specific amino acids. The depletion process is very detailed and complex. Our formula combines 9 different protein sources in specific amounts your muscles need for recovery and strength building. ...

                                                Optimal Complete Performance - Exotic Chocolate
                                                Price: $59.95
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                                                Item #: 718122762279 -

                                                  Optimal Complete Performance - Exotic Chocolate - 718122762279We use only what your body can use while avoiding removing energy, guaranteeing no fat is stored. Nutrients are delivered at the cellular level, helping with energy, recover, mental clarity, and smooth movement while boosting strength-building and calorie-burning performance. ...